I need advice on a grow design.

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  1. I know I'm posting the same thing in two separate boards, but I couldn't decide which one was best to put it in.

    Just a couple questions on a hypothetical design, done just for fun.


    Considering that the box is lightproof, and everything shored up with light catches, I'm wondering if a computer fan will create enough negative pressure inside to bring in enough CO2 to feed the plants.

    My walls wouldn't be coated with any kind of mylar, and would be the natural wood grain, I realize that this is normally frowned upon, but seeing as I'm using a huge light, I don't see how this would be a problem other than to slow down growth. Could I get away without coating them?

    Seeing as I have a florescent light specified in the plan, I'm worried that the box might get too cold, is there any way to fix this other than putting in another light? Maybe insulating the box a bit?

    Last question, hypothetically, I'm against using chemical ferts.
    Could I get away with using nothing but a natural manure mix?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the review.
  2. yes thats good, however just run your grow lights 24/7 durring veg and dont let it get below 60* as its hard for the plants to transpire. you can also mix water/yeast/sugar to create your own co2 or dry ice or carbonated water mist(not soda, no salt).
  3. 1. Is it really only 2 feet high x 1.5 feet wide? That's not enough for even the shortest plant.
    2. A fluorescent tube is virtually useless for growing. Better to use a stack of CFls, if cost is an issue. For veg, a minimum of 100W is needed to do any good. That's an actual 100W, NOT equivalent Watts. ie. Usually on the packaging there'll be 2 figures, the actual wattage, eg 23W and the equivalent watts, eg 100W. In this example, only the 23W figure is relevant, so a minimum of 4-5 of these bulbs would be necessary. (6500K lights have the best spectrum.)

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