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I need advice from experienced tokers..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Deleted member 133486, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Alright to start off, I haven't been smoking that long but when I do I use a glass bubbler and smoke some kill ass shit. But I'm always way too gone after just one bowl that I just stop. I wanted to know If I smoke more weed will I be highER or just be high longer.... If i dont make sense...well you know
  2. It all depends on you... some people hit that Plateau faster than others... i would say give it a shot... 1.5-2 bowls and see how you feel... i get higher the more i smoke for first few bowls then it just seems pointless till a few hours later haha hope this helped
  3. Ya after like 3 bowls i just plateau out and after that its a waste for me to smoke anymore. then i eat/wait 2-3 hrs and then im good to rock and roll!!!
  4. well obviously if you smoke more youll get higher..
  5. Don't force anything...if your high your high.:yay:

  6. not true, it depends on the quality of the weed. 2gs of something half as good isnt the same as one g of the normal shit
  7. Why would you want to smoke more if you're getting high off a single bowl?
    Sounds like you have it made.
  8. Thats what I was thinking. Enjoy it while it lasts cause soon enough your going to wish you could get fucked off just one bowl.
  9. if your drunk, and you drink more...
  10. hah, yeah man i'd be stoked to get "gone" off a single bowl. I'd cherrish your low tolerance, hah.

    and yea. once your high. and you smoke more, your just wasting.. IMHO.
  11. Three bowls is normally the limit where you won't get any higher. You will be cruising for a good three hours, loving everything. And ordering pizza, is such a bitch.

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