I need advice badly, please reply. much appreciated

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  1. currently i am in an OCC program and have not smoked weed for around 1 month. my levels had been dropping and then i get called in today and told my thc levels are at 148 nanograms which tells them i have reused. i had no way of convincing them otherwise then to swear on my beloved grandmothers grave. they told me the tests don't lie and i will probably get a summons for a surrender hearing. this shouldn't be happening, but they said the urinalysis doesn't lie. all i have taken lately is prednisone for a pinched nerve. i don't know what caused this false positive, but i'm extremely stressed and if anybody has information that can help me out, please indulge me. i am miserable please any info i can get
  2. I wish i could help you man, but i don't know much about that. Tell them you want a retest!
  3. It's a drug test, and a urinalysis at that. Not exactly an expensive procedure, just ask them if you could re-take the test. If you're going up against some rather severe penalties for what they are accusing you of, I feel you should have the right to it.

    Even if they don't allow you to, you should probably seek legal counsel (if the punishment is that bad) and figure out a way to take the test from a valid 3rd party provider (another drug screening company recognized by the State).
  4. retake that shit if you can
  5. if u go to prison you will be released within a year because pot will be legal! :hello::hello::hello::hello::smoking::smoking::smoking::p:devious::mad::rolleyes::confused::eek::cool::hello::hello::rolleyes::gc_rocks::bolt::poke::yay::yay::yay::yay::yummy:

  6. ...wow that's annoying?
  7. for one just cuz pot gets legalized, doesnt mean he would get released cuz he was sentenced before it was legalized.

    they wont do a retest. but you can still fight it and chances are if you do try and fight it they will just drop it. if you really didnt smoke, then you shouldnt have anything to worry about. and they cant make you surrender.
  8. thanks for the quick replies, except for that one person. everyone i've talked to including my psychologist, my friends mom who is a nurse, and other people suggested i request a retest. so hopefully they'll do that up for me before any serious concequences are enstated. i'm just stressin cause weed is the only thing that helps my ptsd and i've been suffering long enough without the herb, and now they're restarting me so that i gotta finish another 90 days (already been in OCC for about a month and a half). i'd say this is good proof of how fucked up the criminal justice system is.
  9. makes you want to blow up a gov't building, huh?
  10. If they try to refuse a retest I would demand a proven chain of custody for your sample to the lab or wherever it was tested.

    If they can't provide this then I don't see how they can deny a retest.

    Also, to who said a simple urinalysis isn't expensive - when I had my drug tests done they cost 600 dollars to be sent to a lab and tested. Luckily I had health insurance.
  11. well i i got retested and i was negative for weed, but they said that i still must have used and i'm still getting restarted from day 1. so i have 90+ days til i get out of this joke of a fucking program. i don't know what could have cause my levels to jump up like that so randomly, but they pretty much laugh at me when i tell them i didn't smoke and haven't for around a month. fuckk :confused_2::mad:

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