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I need advice badly [arrested]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hcarter50, Nov 22, 2011.

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    First off, let me say I'm a nervous wreck right now .. PLEASE id appreciate any help I can get!

    I had like 3 grams and a joint on me and I got charged with Possession and Paraphernalia 2nd degree misdemeanors. I bonded myself out before I was booked in to jail, so I'm not supposed to be in the newspaper( I live in a small town and this is huge ) ... I plan on pleading youthful offender since this is my first time... I graduated 5th in my high school with a 98 gpa and have never been in trouble with the law except for a seatbelt ticket. None! So, first question, what are the odds that I am given youthful offender. Also, I got a full ride to college through scholarship... And since youthful offender is supposed to be unviewable and not show up on your record, does that mean that if I get youthful offender, my scholarship should not be affected?

    Also, I am 18 and I paid my bond and used my college dorm address and won't be in the paper... is there anything that they would do that would tell my parents of the arrest? Or is it actually possible to get youthful offender, put this behind me, and completely remove this part of my life?

    I am also planning to apply to Med School after college, will this show up to the med school on my record or will youthful offender be shielded? Also will it affect my job options? I plan to be an ophthalmologist after all is said and done....

    I may have completely screwed up my life and I am a nervous wreck as to whether what I can do in order to put this behind me...

    Thanks to anyone who will help..

    EDIT: Useful info: I live in Alabama, so if you know how the law works in Alabama with youthful offender and can offer advice, that'd be really helpful
  2. Looks like not wearing that seatbelt is gonna land you a dime in the penitentiary.

  3. Do you see the problem?
  4. It's gonna be okay man I had the same spiraling doom-type thoughts after I was arrested my freshman yr of college but then I realized how much it really does not matter... the world is going to shit anyways I'd suggest making the most of it and not worrying about trivialities.

    And get out of the small town asap, you will have the rest of your life to settle down in one spot
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    Are you really on grasscity freaking out like you are a female over three grams? Its a fuckin misdemeanor. Worse they are gonna give you is community service. Stop acting like such a whiny little pussy. Just eat the charge. And next time eat the weed.

    He bonded himself out. Idk what youthful offender is. But there is no bonds if you are under 18. See the problem? Stop trying to age police.

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  6. [quote name='"JassyD"'] Are you really on grasscity freaking out like you are a female over three grams? Its a fuckin misdemeanor. Worse they are gonna give you is community service. Stop acting like such a whiny little pussy. Just eat the charge. And next time eat the weed.

    He bonded himself out. Idk what youthful offender is. But there is no bonds if you are under 18. See the problem? Stop trying to age police.[/quote]

    Lol community service? Some states its a year in prison bud

  7. Actually in Alabama, which may be the only if not one of few states that allows it, if you are under 21, you are allowed to plead "youthful offender" which basically like means he's young so we dont wanna fuck his life up for one mistake so its supposed to be whiped off record and hidden...just wondering if anyone knew the exact details

    First off, I'm fucking trying to figure out how that fucking misdemeanor is gonna affect my life... I'm trying to make a career and I'm on full scholarship with basically no alternative to pay for my goddamn schooling... I'm also wondering if there's any way I can get away with this shit without my parents knowing... Your comment didn't help shit.

    I don't think that it'll be that bad for me... It's just I'm trying to figure out if it can get cleaned from my record and about college and about making this posssibly forever unknown by my parentals... which right now that is the key point... call me a bitch, but i have my reasons..

  8. Okay bud. There is no such thing as a year in prison. Prison is for long term sentences.

    If he was gonna get a year anywhere it would be jail.

    And no the op is not going to get a year in jail for having three grams. In texas where they have strict weed laws the maximum sentence is 120 days. The only way the judge will give someone a maximum sentence for 3 grams is if he is racist, he has some other personal problem with the person, or the guy is a repeat offender.

    If op goes to court. In a suit. Shows that he is actually doing something with his life. He will not get jail time.
  9. What state you in op.

  10. How the fuck is posting on a marijuana forum going to help you? I believe the right person to talk to about this would be YOUR LAWYER. If you want straight answers CALL YOUR LAWYER.

    And misdemeanors don't effect your life at all. And how would your parents find out if you are over 18? Your parents don't have shit to do with your legal troubles. Use your head.
  11. [quote name='"Bank of Dank"']What state you in op.[/quote]

  12. Just ask the judge if he'd like to toke the ganja with you sometime.
  13. As far as your parents knowing theres no way seeing as how you are 18 and considered an adult. They dont notify parents if you are over 18. It could affect you getting a job if it stays on your record, so i would for sure go for that youthful offender thing and trying to get it off your record. it might affect your financial aid, when i got a ticket for possession last year they suspended my financial aid for a year so i missed this semester. I dont know if it would affect your scholarship though, but i would say its a possibility

  14. Because for one, I don't have a fucking lawyer? I'm 18 trying to get through college with no money.. And because they're helping support me to college and I'm trying to do all this behind their back.. I stay with them almost every other weekend.. I have to come back for a court date in town and I'm trying to plead youthful offender... if you dont live in alabama, you probably don't know what this is... I took 300 bucks out to bond myself out of my account (which my mom has access to because she adds money every week for me through college)(but i've made up a pretty decent lie for that) ... and the fact that I'm still worried if I'll be in the paper, which i'll find out in 2 hours, even though i dont think i will.... and if the scholarship was pulled because of my arrest, my parents would find out about that(only around 3000 a semester) ... plus if i end up facing many more fees i have to pay in order to put this behind me its gonna suck because i dont have a whole lot of money and it would be obvious f i keep pulling out of my account in large amounts...

    There's your possible ways my rents could find out

  15. Thanks man, goddamn I hope it doesn't ...

  16. First of all it is not possible to not have a lawyer. If you don't have one on retainer they give you a lawyer. And if you were bonded out then you had a bail hearing. Meaning you had a lawyer. Or you are lying.

    And if you already know how your parents can find out why the fuck are you asking us?

    Get a job and become financially independent. Then you won't have to worry about your parents knowing shit.

    If you have legal questions ask your lawyer.

    If you have questions about your scholarship wait and see what happens. Or ask them about it.

    IF you are wanna know if your parents will find out use your fucking head. We know nothing about your life. The only thing we can tell you is that the courts aren't going to tell them.

    I have no idea what you want to hear.
  17. 98 GPA?! Damn you must be smart considering the maximum you can get with all AP classes is a 5.0

  18. You can get a 5.0 if you have honors too.

  19. Yep , I fucked up on that one... I had a 98 average ... guess that makes it a 4.0 GPA ... I was in honors but I don't think I had a 5.0 ..

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