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    I have a great deal of anxiety, and it's affected me negatively my whole life. It stems from a rough childhood, but that's a whole other topic. Not long ago, I decided it was time to try to do something about it. I tried citalopram, and had sexual side affects. It was a horrible catch 22 actually. I took something for anxiety, and it caused problems in bed, which lead to a lot more anxiety. What can I try for the anxiety that won't cause sexual side effects and actually works?
  2. Psychedelics and MDMA helped me overcome my anxiety issues. YMMV
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    I honestly do not support taking medication for common anxiety and depression disorders. I believe they are always a product of an underlying fear which in 99% of cases is an irrational fear that can be eradicated through therapy. Psychedelics can be a form of helpful therapy, as can standard psychological counseling, as can self-help and hypnosis tapes.

    Unfortunately I can't really tell you what will work for you. I'd say dipping your feet into some seriously heavy introspection, maybe picking up a self help book like The Art of Power by Thich Hanh or something else that strikes your fancy, and perhaps taking a psychedelic trip by your lonesome, setting the intention to reveal the sources and solutions of/to your anxiety before you begin.

    Maybe try looking online for some anxiety disorder centered forums. I know Steve Pavlina's forums are an amazing resource, an absolute goldmine for personal growth where many anxiety sufferers visit.

    Anyway, everyone takes their own path but I hope I've at least made you consider another route than the pharmaceutical one.

    edit: Oh yes, I suffered from heavy social anxiety for my entire childhood/teenage life. I broke out through cannabis use and ritual self therapy, self-hypnosis, and just plane ol' introspection. Understanding the nature of fear was the key for me and once I unlocked it I felt enlightened and saw life in a completely new way (in no way exaggerated).
  4. Believe me, I've done a ton of introspection throughout my life. Even though I have a good understanding of why I have anxiety, and know that it's all in my head, I just can't seem to break through it. The problem with therapy is that I have a very difficult time sticking with it, and have had no luck finding someone I feel comfortable talking to. I don't like taking meds and I feel there is often a better way, but I don't know what else to do. I'm tired of letting this hold me back.

  5. ye, but depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain which has to be altered and treated man, so its not like you can get therapy surely?:cool:
  6. im finally starting to overcome my anxiety....after about 8 years...you wanna know what finally did it.


    try it.......its helping me out a greaat deal.

    fuck drugs.....i'll never take another anti depressant ever again in my life.
  7. I run. Or bike. Do something physical to tire yourself out.

    If I tire myself out, I realize that I am too tired to be anxious. By body literally stops caring. The same thing happens when I drink a lot, but I rarely drink.
  8. I have/had social anxiety. Went on paxil for it. Had sexual side effects too...lost interest for a while...then when it was back, it was damn near impossible for me to cum. It was kind of fun for a while since I could fuck for hours, but it got to the point where me and my gf had to take turns trying to jack me off becuase our arms would get too tired...haha.

    Anyway, I was on it for a little under a year, and it did diminish my anxiety, but it seemed like an artificial solution (it is) and I could tell that just because my heart beat didn't increase and I didn't feel dizzy, didn't mean I wasn't anxious. So I went off of it, and the anxiety symptoms returned, but I now knew that my brain was fully capable of supressing the symptoms and that if I had the will, I could learn to live with some anxiety.

    And here I am today, still get anxious in social situations some, but I can handle it better and its really not so bad. I know that I'll never be one to draw attention to myself or be fully comfortable in social situations, but that's just my personality, and I don't allow it to cripple me anymore.

    So I guess my advice is to try whatever you need to do to diminish it, but don't think you will rid yourself of all anxiety. Hopefully you can do something non-destructive that will allow you to live wthout having the anxiety dominate your life.
  9. This doesn't have any evidence behind it. It is just a theory, and it is one that the pharmaceutical companies love to push as fact.

    Read this.
    Unsubstantiated Chemical Imbalance Theory Of Depression Perpetuated By Media
  10. well....most of our emotions are caused by certain chemicals...so its not completely false.

    Though i wont recommend any pills. Tried them will never go back......

    Avoid alcohol as well.... It might help with anxiety in the short run but then you can become dependent on it later on.
  11. I also went through a rough time of anxiety and am still coping with it today.. just not as bad as before. I tried meds and at the time WANTED to be on them.. Paxill was what i was prescribed and i had immediate side effects and was pulled off of them within weeks. I also tried therapy which worked a little but it never seemed like my therapist really got what i was saying and was just there because he had to be. A couple months of that and I quit therapy completely.

    The best thing I've found for me is to surround myself with friends and consistent things to do. Also, exercise is very important.. it takes the sharp edge off the negative emotions that anxiety causes (in my opinion). Anxiety is a life long issue that never really gets solved, or just gets covered up by medicine. Just do what you can and take it day by day.

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