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Discussion in 'General' started by bdots1979, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. CIGARETTE! i recently decided to quit smoking yesterday...this is my 12 year so i need to stop..damn 12 years fllew by n im not even old haha holy shit...but yea havent smoked one all day and ib be fine but i finished the last of my trees about a hour n a half ago cuz i thought it would put me to sleep but damn....4 30 still goin at it im hungry n fiendin a cigarette...any one got any remedies
  2. Watch some porn?
  3. haha actually im watchin walk hard:the dewy cox story shit is hilarious
  4. If I where you I would just roll a spliff and ween yourself off.

    Going cold turkey must blow.
  5. yeah i gotta smoke something, but last nite i ran out at like 330..but its a new day and my roomates gf came thru at like 945 n woke me up with a blunt and a cigarette, wake n bake yessssss, but fuck i had to smoke the cigarette kinda wish i didnt i was feelin like i didnt need one before she pulled out the pack...fuck
  6. I think it's all mental.
  7. When I clicked on this thread I was 99% sure it was gone say

    ...job! :mad:
  8. Its all mental dude as long as you dont buy more and dont come in contact with any you will quit lol.

    EDIT: you have to WANT to quit
  9. nah i no its mostly mental...but i have been smokin for 12 years like i said and there are alot of addictive chemicals they throw in these nasty ass cancer sticks. at one point i was up to 2 n a half packs a day, but before i decided to quit i was down to a little less than a pack a day probobly because i smoke a lil more than i used to back then...as long as i smoke somethin ill be good, its just i hear people gettin diagnosed with cancer after 15 years of smokin n shit im not tryin to wait only years to find out wat happens to me...but now i better start growin weed now im gonna be up to like 20 blunts a day im already at around 10 (not everyday) but if i could smoke more i would n now i dont have the release that cigarettes give me...shit look at this im rambling n all over the place i need some nicotine or some piffyyyyyyyyy
  10. Get a vap that would help the whole not getting cancer thing
  11. Try those legal herbal cigarettes, some of them don't taste that awful and can grow on you. I quit smoking nicotine with them, then I stopped smoking the herbals after I lost desire. It was my first attempt to quit nicotine. But I started smoking again though, it was awhile after I first tried to quit.
  12. every time you want a smoke, do like ten pushups, it'll change your mind when you know you'll be able to breathe better and it will give you that little rush a cig gives. you might check out the e-cig, it's like a nicotine vaporizor without all the tobacco garbage.

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