I need a zob downstem!!!

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  1. So my zob minis downstem broke and I can't find
    A replacement anywhere. It is 18mm and it's. 5 inch.
    Someone please help!


  2. You dont need a "zob" downstem specifically, you can buy any down sthem thats the proper length.

    This website has various downstems you can buy. Or you can go to A LT.

    Black Leaf - Shower Head Perc Diffuser Downstem Bong Adapter - Grasscity.com

    Black Leaf - Glass Bong Adapter - 4-Arm Diffuser - Grasscity.com

    Weed Star - Slitted Diffuser Downstem - 18.8mm - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com

    Good luck buddy and welcome to the community.
  3. ...or you could get none of these^^^ and get a good one...
    like alex k or sovereignty.

  4. Or he could get the ones that are affordable, since OP isn't asking for a good new downstem, he seems desperate because his old one broke. No reason to suggest expensive glass over cheap glass, we don't all have money.

  5. Most of the people on this website enjoy boycotting grasscity.

    Its kind of a slap in the face dont you think?
  6. well they need better product.
  7. U can go with grasscity or u can peep out soul shine family glass Google it shower downstem 35 badass quailty glass.. ur choice tho goodluck.

  8. Watch ur mouth brah!!! More wider market.. use better words have respect ur on there site.

  9. This is a great example of someone not dealing with a problem.

    This is called "rationalizing a situation"

    Instead of being honest with himself about boycotting the website he's on.

    He's attempting to use logic to justify his actions.

    When people rationalize, they are doing it to diminish the significance of their actions.

    They can't admit that they are actually doing what they are doing, it has to be someone else's fault.

    When people make an effort to stop a business from selling their own goods, that is called "boycotting"

    What the person is selling does no change this fact.


  10. Very well said. :smoke:

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