I need a very good anti-adhesive or corrodent

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  1. I need something that can liquidize tar or atleast make it so it can be easily handled, any ideas guys?
  2. what sort of tar? you'll probably need an acidic or basic solution, depending on what you're tryin to remove?
  3. Yea, depends on what your trying to remove.
    Rain - x = for sap
    Nail polish remover = glueish type things
    Hot water and level 1 detergent?
  4. this tar laughts at nail polishromvwe and even being heating oof a ourch
  5. Heat it?

    What is the tar on and for?
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    Sound dampening on my car. They're metal plates held there with tar. You're suppose to freeze it with dry ice then break it up, but I did it the hard way. Now the tar doesn't come off with the metal plates and I have to do with this sticky shit itself.

    Hell, I was high working and had tar over my hands and not thing grabbed my seat for whatever reason and ruined one cause of that. Oh well.
  7. I would venture to say acetone.
  8. Any solvent dissolves oils should probably help you.

    If it wasn't in your car I woulda said blow torch it.

    EDIT: Long shot, but goo b gone?

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