I need a some help with yellow leafs

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  1. This is a unknown sativa from Mexico,she vegged 3 months ,the temps are high some days due to that it has been raining if not if would be like in the 100s hot ,I really don't know the ph level since I don't have a ph meter will get one soon tho , I gave it sheep manure and tobacco dust in a mix one time since it says to add every 6 months ,what do y'all think it's the problem ,also the soil is made of compost leafs and tree materials .thanks IMAG0020.jpg IMAG0021.jpg IMAG0022.jpg IMAG0026.jpg IMAG0025.jpg IMAG0027.jpg IMAG0033.jpg IMAG0043.jpg IMAG0045.jpg
  2. Step one: get a ph meter. Or st least know your ph of what you're giving. It is ESSENTIAL.

    Step two: looks like she needs some nitrogen?? But I mean how many leaves are affected? If just a few, yank em and continue.

    Beautiful buds. Good vibes

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  3. She started of yellowing alot like 20 leafs but as they died of now there is only a few yellow ,I gave it some nitrogen the other day so I hope it stops ,I will be getting one of Amazon rap soon since its hard to just find them around in Mexico ,thank u
  4. definitely check your PH. if you have really hard water, it can cause nutrient lockout and mimic all sorts of deficiencies. Use distilled water
  5. thank u, will do.
  6. Just old growth dying off due to getting no light. No biggie.
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  7. Thanks for that ,made me feel alot better
  8. In the same mode....your N looks fine to me and distilled water can work but it lacks nutrients an generally has low oxygen. Just keep using what you re using. Like the colors.
  9. You put tobacco dust in your soil? WTF?
  10. It's tobacco leaf IDK WTF its for lol it's a mix I bought at Home Depot 50% sheep manure and 50% tobacco leaf it's says for flowering stage

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