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I need a scientist!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. will you feel higher if you pack small bowls but smoke constantly or pack huge bowls but only smoke once or twice an hour?
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    smoking constantly will get you higher. why not pack huge bowls and smoke constantly?

    having 1 sess and say you smoke .5 will get you higher then
    having 2 sessions, hour or two apart but smoking .25 each time
  3. i didnt want to waste weed. i feel like maybe i am really high but since ive been high all day then i feel like im sober so smoking large bowls would be a waste?
  4. Um. It's how much you smoke that determines how high you get.
  5. Medically speaking, your lungs are inhaling and absorbing your THC obviously, so my theory is that, if you take a hit about 1-2 minutes apart, it gives the THC in your lungs time to disperse into the body, so that you can absorb more on your hits. I've tried it out, It seems to work for me. Large hits a few minutes apart, rather than 2 hits back to back.
  6. you've already smoked? the only way I can get high again after I smoke is to get completely sober again, so 3+hours after smoking i'll smoke again.. if you're trying to sustain a all day high, it's pretty hard if you're trying to conserve and have a tolerance
  7. You loose weed through the bowl hole packing a bunch of small bowls. And the cherry pulls threw more than once.
  8. isnt their a plateau though? even with medical weed once you smoke enough you cant get any higher?
  9. [quote name='"closedingirl"']Um. It's how much you smoke that determines how high you get.[/quote]

    See, I used to think this too, but here's my reasoning. If you fill your lungs with your hit, and then quickly take another, the THC from your first hit hasn't had time to be absorbed and clear your lungs, so less is getting absorbed and more is getting exhaled on that second hit. Just my theory.

  10. yea there is a ceiling if you have a tolerance. people who don't have a real tolerance can smoke all day and be extremely I said, I wait to sober up again. If you want to be high literally all day then take a tolerance break
  11. As an internet scientist, i can tell you this:

    Smoking a little bit frequently will get you just as high as smoking a lot less frequently: in the end you're still smoking probably the same amount, it's just the amount you're tossing in the bowl that's changing. Assuming the constant in the case of this experiment is pot (strain, potency, etc.). The dependent and independent variables would be the frequency of your smoking and the amount of weed, respectively.

    Maybe, high atm.
  12. No. You need to slam your receptors with large amounts of cannabinoids...
  13. I think there are so many factors, that if you smoke a lot of weed, you will get really high. Honestly, you might get super baked regardless of the techniques you deploy.
  14. How about pack huge bowls and smoke all day? Problem solved.
  15. Taking big fat rips is what gets you highest whether its constantly or hourly. THC diffuses through your aveolar membranes into your blood stream on a concurrent flow gradient. This means that the most thc you can absorb is 50% of what you inhale. Diffusion into the blood also slows (rapidly) to a halt as the gradient between THC content of the blood and smoke approaches equilibrium (50/50).

    You need to create the largest gradient possible in your lungs and hold it as long as possible before exhaling to get maximally high as that is the most efficient way to diffuse THC out of the smoke and into your blood stream. ie) take fat rips
  16. Everyone STAND BACK! Im a rocket surgeon.

    But for real if you smoke constantly you are blowing up your tolerence. You have to get un high to be able to get fully blazed again like someOne said.
  17. Big bowls or one hitters is just personal preference. I like snaps of dank and full bowls of mids.
  18. The effect has a DIRECT link to the amount taken in and the amount of time it takes.

    This is why having an injection of morphine given over time does not have nearly the effect as it does if the shot is delivered all at once. Package inserts for any drug given IV, specifically state that they should be infused slowly to prevent "unwanted" effects which to any recreation drug user, is exactly what they want. The reason for this is that the amount and length of time of the infusion is directly related to its effect. The faster the infusion the greater the effect. That is why taking morphine orally by mouth, where it takes minutes to enter the bloodstream has a MUCH different effect then injecting the same dose IV. Therefore bigger hits defintely get you higher then smaller hits, no matter how many smaller hits you take. This is why bongs get you higher then other smoking methods and stronger weed gets you higher because the amount of thc in each hit it higher.

  19. Is there still a ceiling if you were to be smoking a different strain all day?ex purple haze then green crack followed by sour D
  20. Depending on the timing it could just be an equal tradeoff between the two. You smoke a big bowl, get a lot higher at the time, and then you wait longer to smoke again.

    You smoke a small bowl, you only get so high. Depending how long you wait between bowls, you could lose your high between them, so you are preventing yourself from getting really high, or you could put them closer together, potentially increasing your high with every bowl.

    It's a lot more complicated than your question suggests, since there are more factors to consider than you think.

    Either way, you're gonna smoke it; one way or another isn't really gonna get you higher, it's all about how much you smoke, how good it is, and your tolerance.

    i would recommend starting out with a big bowl, then small ones after that. Get really high, then sustain it.

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