I Need A Reply Asap I Think Im Dying.... Literally!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Photosythetic, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. ok so i was making hash oil and i accidentally drank it cuz i couldnt smell any butane and ive had a fan blowing on it for hours... but it tasted what i imagine butane would taste like even though it had the appearence of oil... somebody please tell me if like less that half a gram of butane with a little propane (zippo fluid) can kill you... REPLY my life literally depends on it and im afraid to call the cops cuz then ill get busted and the worst part is if i start geting dizzy and shit i dont know if im getting high or dying my throat burns please respond
  2. fuck im starting to get dizzy and my stomach hurts
  3. Don\'t call cops, call poison control.
  4. You\'re most likely fine. Get that fluid that induces vomiting and you should be good. You really didn\'t drink anything super acidic so you shouldn\'t have any sort of chemical burns from the vomit. If you want to be on the safe side call poison control. Thats the first thing I would have done. Get their advise I\'d trust it over my own or anyone else\'s on this forum.
  5. is it that serious or can i just drink a lot of water to speed up my matabolism and itll clear up?
  6. no the fluid can said not to induce vomiting
  7. If I were you I wouldn\'t even post this, I would have just stuck my finger in my throat.

    Thats always my first reaction when I swallow something thats not ok. (Never happend though, thank god)
  8. If the bottle said dont induce vomiting, don\'t. Id call posion control, tell them whats up and ask them what you should do.
  9. poison control #?
  10. EDIT I missed read what you wrote. I\'d go to a hospital then.
  11. Dude, youll be fine! Hobo\'s drink rubbing alcohol to get drunk all the time. And them small amount that you drank wont do shit.. just chill out, toke a bowl, and youll be fine.
  12. What he meant was that on the butane can it stated that if swallowed to not induce vomiting, which certain liquids state. He wasn\'t saying that there isn\'t such a drink.
  13. Drink alot of water and eat bread. If you feel like u need to throw up then go do it but it will probly only make ur throat hurt worse.

    Not a smart move man. just drink water and bread and wait it out for a couple hours.

    you will know if ur dieing
  14. Yeah I missed read what he wrote. I edited my reply but he forum was acting slow.
  15. it\'s not that much butane.....i\'d just prob drink water..idk it wasnt a very smart move. if you feel sick like sick sick sick sick i\'d call someone but if you only feel sick sick i wouldnt worry i mean c\'mon you drank butane..your stomach prob not going to like it.
    OH and don\'t fall asleep you might never wake up!
  16. thats a bit morbid... not making me feel better, btw im getting really shaky and weak feeling
  17. Taste some of the butane and see if taste like what you tasted
  18. dude you just ate hash oil...
    your just hella high and perinoid.
    hash oil is REALLLLY potent.
    a little butane wont hurt you, believe me your fine.
    just reallllllly high..haha
  19. lol I was really scared for this guy... but what you said makes perfect sense.

    \'it tasted like what I imagine butane would taste like, so I think I\'m gonna die\' <--- sounds like a product of THC paranoia/hysteria to me.

    Photo, I don\'t think you\'ll die. How much butane did you use in the extraction process and how long did you wait for it to evaporate?
  20. You are fine my friend... but you are also VERY high and VERY paranoid. You\'ll know if the end is near. Such a small amount of butane could not do it. Of course... if you drank so much butane that it was dangerous to you... you would vomit. It\'s your bodies natural reaction to protect itself from harmful substances.

    You should go enjoy your high.
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