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  1. ok, so I just picked my first bong up from a friend yesterday. supposedly it's like an 80 dollar bong that he sold to me for 25. but there is a reason it's so cheap. it has no grommet, downstem, or bowl. I also have no clue if it's GonG. I need any information or links possible to get this bong back to doing what it does best asap.:smoke: I've researched around, but I figured it would be best to just upload pics and get a direct opinion to avoid any costly mistakes. If I measured the diameter correctly, it's 20 mm. I need any and all measurements you could possibly assume by these pics. And no, there is no head shop anywhere around me. I live in the country. :( I do not know the brand of the bong either. it's made of glass.

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  2. First off your friend is a douche bag.

    Second, This what Glass on glass looks like.


    I dont know where you can buy rubber inserts and downstems that fit into those though.

    your best bet it to spend 60 bucks and get something nice that is GLass on glass.

    Like this.

    Weed Star - Baby Bitch - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - Grasscity.com
  3. if you have a local lhs, they should be able to provide you with a rubber seal, downtube and slide for that.
    there are very few places online that sell spare parts for those bongs. witch sucks, because those bongs are so easy to find , and so cheap.

  4. not really. he took the money and bought a g of sour diesel and smoked it with me. so it's like I got a free bong. :D

  5. Like I said, no headshop. :( since, you've seen them around, do you know what brand it is?
  6. It honestly kind of looks like a drilled into vase.
  7. there are no brands for these, its all mass produced china glass. its just generic product.
    i mean, do some searching on the internet ya know, its easier than you think.
    id try, rubber grommet bong, rubber grommet. grommet downstem,
    idk shit like that.
    idk what else to tell you. if you have no lhs, and cant find/order parts off line...
    your literaly shitout of luck for finding replacements.
    next best thing. the mother of invention.
    improvise yo.
  8. you didn't get totaaally ripped off, but it was close. a cheap downstem/slider for that is like 4 bucks at my local head shop, so it should be something around there. a bong like the one you bought is around 40 bucks new at my LHS, so (40 new - 25 for bong - 4 downstem) you saved about 11 bucks.
    EDIT: no lhs....hmmm i guess just research? there really isn't a head shop even in a couple towns over or somethin?

  9. that's basically all a bong is. :p

  10. I have a feeling your aware of how silly that comment is
  11. Lol ^^^

    Hey op, where do you live? I'm willing to bet that there's a headshop within half an hour of you.

  12. honestly thats true lol

  13. can someone palm my face please?
  14. You bought that gram, smoked him up, and he gave you a vase with a hole in it as payment.

    Your 'friend' took advantage of you.

    If a buddy asked to buy that off me I wouldn't let him out of respect..

    I'll do you, if you do me.
  15. If thats worth 80$, my skin is not really skin, its just candy, and if i bite myself, it wont hurt, it will taste good. Or will it?

    These days they have a downstem that will gromet into that and then it can be a Glass on Glass piece, but its all a mater of finding the right pieces.

    Also you says its a free bongs because he smoked the gram with it, then if you think about it, its only half a free bong ;) That is if he smoked half the weed :bongin:
  16. try looking up standard bonza stem, i think thats a name for them. it shuld be a metal stem with a rubber sealer ring
  17. Finally a competent poster.

  18. umm. actually no. please enlighten me. i know there's more to a bong, but stripped down of all it's components and you have a vase with an extra hole in it. :confused:

    i live in northeast mississippi. the closest head shop is two hours away. which i'm going to today.

    no, I bought the bong. he used the money to buy a g. Then smoked the g with me. what's so bad about that? sure it lacks a downstem, grommet, and bowl but that's a damn good deal for 25 dollars.

    he never smoke the gram with this actual bong we rolled it up into a blunt and went fishing. :)

    Thank you. that seems to be just the site i needed.
  19. I remember one time I was trying to pull the downstem out of a tube like that and the fucking thing shattered in my hand. Shit was crazy man....


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