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  1. Well I just graduated high school, summer is around the corner and I feel change is right around there also. I have been loosing weight this year and it makes me feel great when I know my body is as well. Idk if anyone here has done the fatloss4idiots diet, but it works great. The only problem is groceries, and repetition. I wanna start getting that incorperated in my life asap. Also I have a gym membership at planet fitness. I usually do upper body one day, and lower the next, etc. I wanna get running involved as well, maybe start with like a mile a day? I wanna do all these things, but I wanna get it set out first, help?
  2. Goal is continued fat loss, I'm assuming?
  3. Yeah, under this fat im pretty sure I have a pretty lean core working with me. I played football for like 4 years, so im not worried about hitting the gym right away.
  4. Well as for running, slowly progress.

    Start off with a
    -1/2 mile warm up
    -long stretch,
    -then try out a mile.
    A. If you feel pretty beaten then you need to work on endurance.
    -Work on quicker 1/2 mile runs. Walk a lap, then repeat as much as possible.

    Long stretch is key!
  5. Look for a caloric intake calculator (google it). Find your maintenance level intake, and eat 500 calories less than that per day. Supplement with running and weightlifting (heavy lifting is actually more efficient at burning calories) and stay consistent. You'll drop weight in no time.

    Let me take this moment to drill this into your head: Losing fat is all about calories in versus calories out. It doesn't matter what routine you're on or how many miles you run, if you eat whatever you want you won't see results.
  6. How do I measure out laps and such? And The Nung have you ever heard of the fatloss4idiots diet? When I was on it I was losing weight nicely. Mixed with working out my shoulders got a lot more definition and it compliments my body more. Face is slimmer, idk but yeah. Ill check it out when im on it and see how it partakes with the calculator.
  7. Be sure to stretch man! My chest is sore right now from working out yesterday. It's all about the stretching, drink plenty of water, and maybe eat a banana once in a while to prevent cramps. Worst thing is waking up in the middle of the night with a fuckin cramp...

  8. I don't look at diets because the concept of fat loss really is easy. The diet probably had you running at a caloric deficit which will make you lose weight (hopefully fat), and the result is an increase in muscle definition.

    If it worked for you and your goal is still weight loss, why did you stop? You'll notice as time goes on that when it comes to fitness, if something is working you really shouldn't change it until it stops working.
  9. You get high before your trip to the gym I assume?:smoke:
  10. i just might try this, when im not sick as a dog that is
  11. The groceries were hard to keep up with and a bit pricey. And yeah street, if not before...after :D

  12. Food gets ridiculous when you make a commitment to fitness. I have to eat 3400 calories a day to gain weight. For a student with a pot smoking hobby, that's a shitload of money. But like I said, all you have to do is stay 500 calories below maintenance and you'll lose weight. Heavy lifting and cardio can only speed up that process.
  13. Thanks man im definitly gonna use this knowledge to my advantage.

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