I Need A Phosphorus Solution

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  1. Hey guys. Im after a phosphorus solution that can be soluble . Any hits tips on how i can add this to blooming plants. Organic methods preferably. And something that the plant can intake preety quickly. Chers thanksi
  2. Mammoth P. You can get free samples from them. I have a list of free sample companies.
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    Does anyone know of some primo organic methods? Left overs. Chers
  4. Post that list for us. How does one option these free samples?

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  5. It won't let me share the file so here's My attempt at copy and paste.

    Companies That Offer Samples
    Company Links ITEM NOTES
    Oregons Only Nectar For the Gods $28.00 through paypal. 6x1liter bottles 2x1quart bottles
    Botanicare Your choice of products $12.00 4x8oz bottles Once every 6 months
    Aurora Innovations Your choice of 2xLiquid Nutrients and 1xDry Ammendment or 3xDry Ammendments $8.53 through paypal. 8oz samples. Once every 2 years
    Microbe Life Hydro Photosynthesis Plus, Nourish-L, Foliar Spray & Root Dip, Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer $12.99 4x1Liter bottles
    House Garden 1 Liter set of base nutrients - your choice, 250 ml - Bud XL, 250 ml MultiZen, 250 ml Top Booster, 100 ml Amino Treatment $20.00 by money order through mail. 4-6 weeks processing time.
    100 ml Top Shooter or 1 Sachet of Shooting Powder, 30 ml Roots Excelurator, 30 ml Nitrogen Boost, 30 ml Drip Clean, 30 ml Algen Extract, 30 ml Magic Green
    Blue Planet Nutrients 3 Part Base Nutrients Grow, Micro, and Bloom $15.00
    Plant Success Your choice of products $5.00+ per sample. Each item has a dropdown menu for size choices including sample sizes.
    Southern Cascade Organics SLF-100 Nutrient Flush. 2x 4oz bottles. $10.00
    Humboldts Secret 1 Quart Base A&B nutrients, 16oz Golden Tree, 8 ounce Enyzme, 32oz flower stacker, 32oz CalMag & Iron $149.99 WTF?
    Dyna-Gro 8oz. Foliage-Pro®, 8oz. Pro-TeKt®, 8oz. Bloom®, 8oz. Mag-Pro®, 8oz. K-L-N Rooting Concentrate $21.50 bigger size available from dealer. Call 800-396-2476 to order sample.
    Cyco Unknown Free but must be sent to a hydro store for pickup. (Made an exception and sent to my house due to unique circumstances. Very kind very helpful customer service. Top notch company.)
    Dakine 420 1xGrow(200gr) 1xBase(200gr) 1xBloom (200gr) $49.99
    Boveda 2xHumidity Packs No charge.
    Safer Brand 1x 100ml Awaken 3-1-5, 1x 100ml Accelerate 4-0-2, 2x 100ml Amplify 2-0-8, 1x 100ml TruBone+ 6-20-0, 1x 80g TruAmino+ 15-0-0, $44.99
    1x 50ml Measuring Beaker, Measuring Spoon, Grow Schedule Insert, Plant Growth Stage Magnet
    Elite Nutrients 2- 8oz Base Nutrient A, 2- 8oz Base Nutrient B, 1- 8oz Root Tonic C, 1- 8oz Resin D, 1- 8oz Root Igniter $29.99
    Sierra Naturals All kits are 3 pieces. Nutrient, Mite control, Pesticide, Fungicide, Plant Stimulant. Just pay shipping $7.00 and up.
    HB-101 Plant Vitalizers (foliar spray and soil spray) Appears to come with 4 treatments in sample. $1.00 for shipping.
    X-Nutrients 1xgrow, 1xbloom, 1xmicro, 1xclone gel. $15.00 contact by email. Can pickup from local hydro store or paypal/credit card to the owner to have mailed to you.
    Mammoth Soco Organics in pueblo co helped get mine. Free but must be sent to a hydro store for pickup.
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  6. Some are free others are extremely cheap. Eco gardener has a fabric pot giveaway also. Just pay 7 bucks shipping. I got 5 7 gallon pots for 6.95
  7. Nectar for the gods gives away free samples as well. This is their P supplement.
    Mega Morpheus | Oregon's Only
    Mega Morpheus
    Mega Morpheus is a fully digested source of readily available natural phosphate, and the only guano tea on the market today that is free of grit and sand. Our unique process completely filters out grit and sand, offering a consistency suitable for soil, soilless, and hydroponic growing mediums. Nutrients in Mega Morpheus are made totally available through digestion and chelation, increasing nutrient delivery and uptake. When using Mega Morpheus, you can expect an increase in photosynthesis, vigor and health, as well as flower size and flavor.
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  8. I wanna try the mammath. How would I get some of that?
  9. Try sending Soco Organics Garden Center a Facebook message asking about mammoth p samples
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  10. I'm also looking for a feeding chart I can fill out for each plant. I prefer to be able to print it or use it on a tablet. Do you happen to have any saved from your adventures?
  11. That i do not
  12. I think I'm going to use excel or something and put it on my tablet.
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