I need a out door soil mix now

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by soil-man, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys whats up I did not have time to make a compost this year,I need a great cheep ,soil mix that I can mix with the out door soil now ,and not have to worry about plaints when it comes time to plaint,p.s. a fertilizer mix for the plaints mixed in also would be great but it needs to not burn the small plaints and be able to fertilize the adults later ,do you guys have any info thanks :hello:
  2. Well, we all want that! Stay away from the Miracle Gro soil, it contains time release fertizliers that can cause plant burn if combined with other nutes. And you dont need to be so exact in your ratios. In an outdoor setting, it wont matter if you added 2 cups or 2.77 cups.
  3. well add manures and meals 1-2 monhs before you plant. Feed with organic teas. It's organic. Soil mix: peat based to retain water. Don't mix peat with clay though. If your outdoor terrain is all clay, amend it with dolomite lime and sand and compost.
  4. MG and it's time released ferts would also not be worthy of the organic label..................Here's a thread on building your own organic soil mixes.

  5. this year im buying foxfarm peace of mind dry nutes...i dont think it gets better than that its not too expensive and it saves u the hassle of having to get all the different guanos and meals and so 4th +its completely organic ...go to htgsupply.com and take a peak

    thank the weedgods for foxfarm now we just have to hope they listen to our rain dances
  6. Yup.Foxfarms is where its at.Their soil is loaded up with bat guano,perlite,composted forest humus,ect.I'm using happy frog soil along with their liquid organic soil ferts.My babies are nice n healthy!

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