I need a new piece. Best online shop?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Philosopher1992, May 13, 2011.

  1. what is the best online shop for a new bong?
  2. :gc_rocks:

  3. not really a great selection..
  4. here, aqualab or EDIT
  5. it's better to just buy locally, then you can make sure it's high quality and what you want, and also supports your local glassblowers

  6. Bit Freak Glass

    I hear this place is also a good one ... :smoke:
  7. Etsy has banned the sale of glassware so the selection isn't as good as it use to be ... check out artfire.com as that is where many artists have moved to.

    But of course if you are looking for name brands, ALT and many of the sites listed above will do the trick :smoking:
  8. Etsy still has a lot of AMAZING handmade pieces though.
  9. GC is probably one of the best reliable websites you're going to find.

    Unless, you like ordering bowls made by 8 year olds in China :D

  10. 4vakltr ...how do I get 10% off at kulture? Is there a promo code?
  11. GC first (so I won't be bashed)

    but.... EDIT has a very nice selection, low shipping, great prices, and excellent costumer service.
  12. Aqualab /thread
  13. Gotta vote for Kulture because it's my LHS, but if you want scientific glass then ALT is the place to go. Can't really beat the selection.

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