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  1. Alright, I need to start this thread off with telling everyone I do not know shit about computers. I can do some basic things, but anything beyond that I am worthless. I am nasty as using excel but anything besides that I am a fucking dumbass. Saying that, black friday is coming up and I need a new laptop. I have a acer right now that was straight but I stepped on it and the screen looks terrible. I know Acer is a terrible computer, but for what I do its fine. Are there any laptops anyone would recommend for me to buy?

    I just want something decently fast, and can do basic functions well. I really don't download too many things, maybe a torrent here and there, and I don't play any computer games that I need a lot of fancy features for. If I could find something under $400 that will search the internet pretty fast that would be perfect.

    Pretty much the only thing I do that would slow me down is watching porn. Now I'm not downloading any porn, just going on pornhub, but I figure that might fuck my computer up at least little bit. I have McAfee too, so that probably helps with some of the unfucking the spyware. Anyone HELP. This crack in my screen sucks and I need to buy something new. Preferably I want to buy something online, but I will drag my lazy ass out to Best Buy if I need to. Not at midnight the day after thanksgiving cause I will definitely be drunk, but I could the the next day. After 2pm.

    And one last note to everyone. Yes I am fucked up, so bare with me sounding like a dumb ass. I already know I am one right now. And if I have too many curse words for the mods, I apologize in advance. Let me know and I will ask this same question in a less profound way. I have taken at least 15 jager bombs, and drank 10 seven and sevens. I did save my weed cookie for tomorrow's grub sesh though. Oh, and the girl I was trying to bang got a DUI, so fuck me.

    But anywayssss
    Happy thanksgiving everyone and Blaze on!
  2. If all you're looking for is a computer to surf the web there are plenty of computers out there for roughly $400. I don't use any antivirus because it just slows down my computer and does little to help me. McAfee & Norton are just resource hogs. I'd suggest building one because it's usually always cheaper but since you don't know a lot about computers that is out of the question. I would suggest looking at microcenter, newegg, tigerdirect (website). Hope this kinda helped!
  3. Since you dont know anything about computers, I would have suggested a mac, but thats impossible for under $400

    Id suggest going to auctions are garage sales
  4. If you're just streaming off pornhub, you're fine. Don't worry about it.
  5. If I were you, I'd go to slickdeals.net.. I always go there whenever I get new electronics. People post deals that they find and other users rate how good the deal is.

  6. +1, slickdeals is awesome. I lurk that site daily.

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