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I need a new direction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joe250, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I finally bought a car. Its a 2000 RX 300 Lexus. Its nice and bought it for 6k. Some problems arose but nothing too crazy. I have to change the disc rear brake shoes and change spark plugs. It costs money and Ive been sketch out driving around since I have no plates but Im still legally on the road since I have a permit on the card and insurance. Today I go to buy a 2oz sack and I wait and when he pulls up my homie is with the guy that robbed my ass at gunpoint like 1 and a half months ago. Ive been preparing plans for him, but I feel I lost my opportunity to confront him. Hes hella sketchy and I didnt get out of the car to confront him just cuz I was pissed and didnt know what to do or react. He told me if I wanted to fight but I said hell no. This fools big ass tongan and Im just a regular size skinny guy at a buck fifty. I delayed the deal and I never went for the deal. I dont want to deal with those people anymore. SHould I drop my shit on him and not go through with my plan or should I just deal with it and get sacks and risk it
  2. there is only one answer; murder.
  3. Usually a criminal will have repeat offenses of the same things, so most likely he would rob you again. I wouldn't even be getting near this asshole with enough money to buy 2 fucking ounces of bud. I would try to talk to your homie and tell him that situation and only meet with him or try to find a new connect. Most likely your homie will know people and understand why you feel that way unless he isn't a true friend.
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    I think they refer to that as being a vagina. ;);)

    Just don't deal with him.. I don't know what the fuck a tongan is but I would just find a new guy.. if you were too scared to do anything the first time what makes you think you will do anything, ever?

    If you don't wanna deal with them, then don't. There are more dealers out there.

  5. yup he knows the situation and understands and said hell meet me by himself in a situation when I feel right and not sketched. I have 1 connect whos my main but he wont sell to me right now since his son is my homie and he has problems with him and my other main isnt avaiable til mid may.The guy that robbed me wanted to make amends and something about half oz of bud he will give me. I wasnt in the right mind at the time so I didnt talk to him

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