I need a new computer and have no clue where to start

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  1. I've had an Emachines PC for near 6 years now. For most of my time with it, it was stable and reliable. Now I think it's just too old to use well. I can no longer play PC games on it, like Rome: Total War or anything else, because it immediately shuts down my entire computer.

    If my computer is on, you can bet that you'll be able to hear the fan from outside the room, it's so loud. I have no clue how to fix it anymore, I've uninstalled programs, ran a bunch of programs like AVG or the disc cleanup to find problems, and none of it really helps anymore.

    So I want a new computer. Thing is, I don't want to spend too much money, and I want to be able to run PC games on it. I'm not really a MAC person, so would like to stay away from those, and I don't want to have to buy new graphics cards or anything like that. I want the computer to come all together and ready to go.

    So where should I start looking? Online like on Walmart's website or something? I just want to be able to surf the web, play some PC games, and listen to all my music.
  2. Most companies that sell computers have some you can customize to your liking and it will come built. They charge a little more and it takes a little longer but its way easier. Building your own is pure fun though.

    Whats your budget?
  3. Well I'm not entirely sure what the "average" price of a decent computer is, but I could probably go as high as 700. Would rather it be around 500 though.
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    :eek: I don't believe it...

    The loud fan noise isn't a software issue, it is just that the fan is old, off balance, and dirty inside. It could be a separate fan but often it's the fan inside the power supply.

    I'd recommend Dell for an OEM desktop, just go to Dell.com and get started. Somewhere they have a refurb section where they sell used computers cheaper but they come with a full warranty. Second choice is HP.
  5. Here is usually a good rule of thumb; when you go into a store and buy a computer...you get what you pay for...generally a $400 laptop is comparable to a $200 pc...honestly if you are looking to play games on a pc...id say build one yourself...with all the information on the internet...building one would be fairly easy and it would be cheaper to build one to suit you needs then buy one with a lot of stuff you will never use
  6. It's true! I've taken such good care of it, had it since I was 12 (18 now) I'm pretty bummed it's coming to an end.

    I'm going to try opening it up and cleaning the fan (if I can find out how to open it). Maybe that will maintain it a little longer.

    Thanks for the tips and advice guys. Anymore would be appreciated!
  7. Check Out Tiger Direct. If You Are Patient They Run Lots Of Sales And Specials. You Can Definitely Get A Good PC For Your Price Range You Just Have To Look.
  8. So you want to buy a computer?

    1) Build your own computer. Stop being a lazy son of a gun, get off your ass and research (well not literally LOL). Then build your own computer, and guess what! You'll save loads of money and have fun building a computer! In less then an hour you could find out how to build a computer online, and what parts to get.

    2) Build

    3) Your

    4) Own

    5) Computer

    Only chumps buy pre built computers nowadays (providing your not buying a laptop. Those are slightly more of a bitch to build.)

    Newegg.ca (for Canucks!)
    Newegg.com (for Americanos!)

    Computers are so easy to built you'd be a complete idiot not to do so.
  9. Most organizations that provide pcs have some you can personalize to your loving and it will come designed. They fee a little more and it requires a little more time but its way simpler. Developing your own is genuine fun though.
  10. Either you're an idiot or you have way too much free time.

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