i need a little help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hardcore, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. i also want to know how to grow any advice would be nice thanx
  2. i want to grow out doors inside or maybe behind my garage behind if possible in michigan
  3. LoL, just struck me as funny, try going to a barnes and noble. They have a decent section on growing. Good luck
  4. Hardcore give us the size of space that you are using and if your growing outside or inside and how many plants your wanting to grow and it will make it easier :)


  5. LOL...can you be a little more vague,,,,We would love to help ,,but you've said/asked nothing really...

  6. Ok ill take up the question i was wondering outside right now in N.Y. I want to plant like 5 or 6 in a large section of woods a little wierd but if you could help that would be good and another thing someone told me if you germinate indoors then plant outdoors they will die cause their not used to it but if its summer it would work right

  7. Start 'em out indoors but let them get used to the wind blowing and colder air. Take them outside for a couple of hours and then bring 'em in, keep adding another hour a day for a couple of weeks and by then they will be adjusted to sleep outside all night.
  8. Ok BPP i'll do that thanks
  9. AS you probably know the threat of frost is still there until the end of may. You will want to wait until the last week of may, then you still want to keepa an eye on the weather trends. Usually this time of year you are safe,but you never know
  10. That would suck if they all got wiped out

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