I need a little help gc.

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  1. my friend has started to trip out real bad on some really good herb. this has happened twice in a row. He says it has something to do with the fact that he feels like he's going to another world, and that his heartbeat increases rapidly. What can I say, or do, that can calm him down? Seriously guys, this guy freaks out bad, once, he got so scared that he sat down in the dirt and did'nt say anything, breathing heavily for like 10 minutes, trying to slow down his heartrate. These freakouts are a total buzzkill for me. Any advice?
  2. Maybe he shouldn't smoke.
    That's the only advice I can think of haha
  3. go for a walk or somthing or do somthing to get his mind off of it
  4. listen, tell that what he is feeling is just the herb, and you cant die by smoking herb.
    then, just distract him with tv or music....
  5. I don't know dude, a friend of mine had a similar issue. She was smokin daily for like 2 years and started getting really bad panic attacks. She quit smoking after the 2nd time it happened.

    Or it could just be that he's getting TOO high. Tell him to space out the hits he takes till hes at a good high that he can still control.
  6. Get a reeal comfy spot and put some mellow tunes.
  7. get less potent buds
  8. I used to have a real freak out problem, especially if i was outside or had been drinking too. We solved it eventually though, my friend told me I believed I was going to freak out and fought the high. so instead, i just went with it and now I never freak out about anything (although I still have a good look around outdoors, can never be too careful in my view).

    does he smoke a lot? I found as my tolerance changed, I could cope better.

    Used to always have people ask "why you freaking man" but never really could explain it at the time.
  9. tell him to stop smoking when he is content with his buzz,
  10. Word, his tolerance is too low for the amounts he's smoking. Lucky him, not all of us get blazed off one bowl.
  11. My buddy gets like this too, he just doesn't smoke. The problem is in his head, and thats a hard one to solve..

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