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I need a legit Detox, Not Diluter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeChoke, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Heya GC :smoke:

    I need a legit, good working detox.

    I do not want a diluter, as most do not know, a diluter will be one of the main causes to fail a drug test, as it flushes you out, and if you take it close enough it will flush all the thc content along with dilute right into the cup.

    Im going to be applying for other jobs soon, as my current one is BLAH.

    I would like to know of a good, reputable detox, that I can walk into a store and get.

    Please share your good knowledge my fellow tokers.

    And keep in mind im about 5 11, and about 190 pounds.

    I also smoke everyday. Kush, so the THC level in my body is high.
  2. Acaiberry Detox. It's a purple bottle at GNC, about 18 dollars.

    I've passed a drugtest with it before and I, too, am using it to detox for another job.


  3. Okay, I have to do some research with that - How long does it take to clear you? And does it clear you for good?

  4. I finished it in a day. And ya it clears you for good, at least with me. Exercise, increased fluid intake, eating more fruits and veggies, along with sleep, will also increase your chances of success.
  5. I have a really good one that no one uses, water. Lots of it, some places will test for detoxes.
  6. No such thing exists man. If it did, someone would be very rich right now. Don't get scammed. It's all a lie. Just read the other threads n how to pass a drug test.

    All those "detox" kits are just diluting you anyway. I promise you that if you use one of those detox kits, 3 days later you'll be pissing dirty again

  7. Exactly +rep.

  8. To which I will most certainly disagree, only because I've passed a drug test 5 days after completion of an acaiberry detox drink.

  9. You just got lucky man. Don't believe me... w/e. Your the one spending money on detoxes.

  10. That must be it.
  11. #12 insomnia247, Oct 7, 2010
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    IMO and past experience. You cant take a detox and pass. Like others have said it will dilute your pee. So the labs will think that your tampering with your pee and if your prospective employer allows, they will ask you to re-test ASAP.

    My best solution was "quick fix". It's a product from spectrum labs from the makers of "urine luck". What quick fix is, is a synthetic urine, that comes in a small bottle about 4 oz. (enough for a test sample)

    BTW this was for a D.O.T test.

    I think it was like 40 bucks. It can be bought online or at your friendly local head shop.

    Make sure you do the research on the product as it gets updated every so often, so that your not buying "out-dated" versions.

    Good Luck.

    edit:product is now called Quick fix plus.

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