I need a job

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  1. I got laid off about two weeks ago, been putting applications in everywhere, been calling temp services and everything. Everyone needs money!

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  2. Suck some dick. If you only charge 50 a pop they'll all come to you cause you're the cheapeast. Just like selling drugs.

    20 dicks at 50 a pop is 1000 bucks.

    Bang You just paid your rent
  3. yeah, I in todays world i straight up lie to get a job....They fuckin train you anyways lol. I get highered on with 4 years forklift experience and im not even alowed to drive them tell i was trained...LOL. This whole 2 years experience shit is a bunch of bullshit as long as they train you. Yes i lie to get my jobs, but thats the name of the game right lol. If i had a dagree, i wouldnt lie so much.

    ANYWAYS.....What kind of work do you normaly do? What state do you live in? I know states like Florida was nearly impossible to find a job, Lieing or not. That was straight up dead end after they layed off people from NASA. But i feel ya where your coming from. Jobs are bullshit...but if your really a chick, you shouldnt have a problem if thats you in the picture. Go be a personal assistant or something lol. Just saying we live in a sexist world to, so i would take advantage of that. as how shitty as that is. its what lands hot girls good jobs. and the intention to probably getting to sue your boss for sexual harassment...youd just be rolling in that money!!
  4. I feel ya...
    I lost my good paying ($22/hr, 40-50 hrs a week), full time job back in April, spent all my savings and had to move back in with my folks in July. I've just recently begun building a nest egg to move back out on, working two shitty part time jobs that aggregate less than what I was making at the one job before. And that on top of trying to go to school...
  5. File for some state programs to feed you, maybe get on unemployment for being laid off, and keep on looking.

    Move out here to cali, still a lot of jobs but everything expensive.
  6. This man knows what he's talking about, through experience of course!

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  7. Foreign owned convenience or liquor store
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    Restursnts always need help

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  9. Step one- Stop looking for hand outs, there are so many ways to make money. You just need to be willing to do them. I remember when I was broke I would clean houses and do lawn work for money, but instead of blowing my money on stupid stuff I saved it up, got myself a second job in a restaurant, saved even more money then was able to buy my own lawn equipment, was able to establish a good customer base, and hired a full time crew.

    ->I smoke weed<-
  10. Lol if you can't spell it, you don't deserve it sorry bruh.

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...
  11. that's a nice ass place if rent is 1000 bucks
  12. lol not in connecticut.. Around here that'll land you a decent apartment

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  13. I pay 350 a month where I live lol.
  14. I pay $1100 for a one bedroom apt in SoCal and that's a deal
  15. ehh...you can find some nice studios for like 800-900/m. unless you live in santa monica or something 
  16. I'm in SD. I could find studios for like $700 but I'm in a one bedroom in a beach city.
  18. go on to cl, jobs section. write generic cover letter and generic resume. bcc email 250+. don't even care what they're asking for, don't even read the ad. just get the email address. let them call you. 
    i did this and had like 10 interviews in 2 days, and i only did like 100ish emails. 
    i had people calling me weeks later like "can we schedule you for an interview?" i was like, how the hell are people unemployed when i can't get the phone to stop ringing? 
  19. Blow me? I'll pay your cable bill for a month or two.

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    you missed the point. But ok i'm so sorry i put a little butt hurt in your day. 
    Kids on computers these days...bunch of little cocky farts and smart mouths.

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