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I need a job so bad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Like seriously. Have some really great bros who hooked me up with a lil bit of weed and kept me good today but now I am out again lol. No money for a while. The 3rd of march. I went job hunting today and it was soso. Anyway, you guys have any auggestions on how I can make some money? I wish I had something I didnt use anymore that I could sell.

  2. try gettin a job with somethin you like

    or just get someone to front you a half or some shit and sell that

    youll find somethin
  3. LOL I need money for weed. I have all bills and shit payed, money for food for the rest of the month and shit, I need bullshit money is what I am saying :p I dont like oweing people money so fronting is kinda out of the question
  4. Oh and, I would kill for ANY job right now, my town is small and jobs are hard to come by.
  5. look for some side jobs, under the table jobs. Try powerwashing houses, cleaning houses, its not exactly the best jobs but its quick money and its all under the table so you cant track it. When your think out side of the box, especially in these econmic times
  6. Yeah thats not a bad idea. Im going to feel funny just knocking on a door saying can I wash your house :eek: How do I approach a situation like that
  7. Make a flyer or something. Do computer repair if you can do it. It's super easy and faaaast cash. People who suck at computers are willing to pay big prices because they think it's like a magic box.
  8. Heh where I live, 352 florida, theres lots of old people and lots need help with comps but I dont know a whole lot. I think I get what you guys are getting at. Thanks :D Also IDK if I am allowed to say this here but if anyone plays world of warcraft, I will sell a wrath of the lich king key for $35 through paypal.

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