i need a job, any advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by silkyjohnson, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I need a job. It sucks because I know this is such a shitty time to be looking for work, but shit happens.

    I was trying to think of what kind of job would be good for a college kid, and I thought "hey why don't i ask GC?" What are the sweetest jobs for students? and how would you guys go about finding a job in tough times like these? thanks for advice! :)
  2. canvassing for some non-profit place
  3. any food places are good to work, it sucks working there, but its not that hard to get hired by them.

    thats about all i can think of, look into being a server (waiter) they make pretty good money for the time they are at work.
  4. See if you can get a job on campus.
  5. delivering pizzas.
  6. This. I did it for a couple of years, five or six years ago and it was fun as hell. Also if you do it right you can make a killing in tips (providing you work for the right place). I've often thought about buying a cheap crappy car to use for this and quitting my I.T. Manager job just because it would probably equal to a little less than what I'm making now, just a hell of a lot less stress and more fun.

  7. This. Many campuses have job openings.

    Although, I think you need financial assistance to get first dibs at the jobs. Here in Ontario, you gotta have OSAP to get a job on campus. I believe that's how it is, at least.
  8. i applied for a ton of places and im a full time student here are some
    gander mtn
    this company where all i do is take inventory for companies around the area
    and finally a place where i just handle incoming and outgoing packages lol

    i've got interviews this weed!
  9. Skip the inventory job man. TRUST ME. Inventory is the most boring, pointless, and downright worst job out there. For me at least. I've done it before and its no fun. You scan EVERY item in a store. Imagine being sent to a CVS and having to scan all that shit. It ain't fun.
  10. Just drive around or walk through malls or main street looking. I really don't think it's that hard to get a job right now as long as you live in the right area. I have a job interview tomorrow at Petsmart and could have been hired delivering pizza at pizza hut. Just takes a little time to find a place. I was planning on just walking up and down a main street checking out places but didn't have to go that far.
  11. Pizza delivery dude.

    Where I am at, all companys are laying off, including Walmart, where I used to work (Dont work at Walmart BTW,long story). You best bet is fast food. Wheither it be Pizza delivery, Mcdonalds, ETC.

    Number one they have flexible shifts, number two, given the right area you can make bank in tips (Delivery). I have a buddy that works at a chinese delivery and he brings atleast 30 bux in tips a night (He works 3 hours). Thats like 10 bux an hour, plus delivery charge (Most are 1-2.50) and plus your hourly wage.

    Great money, flexible hours, and you get to meet alot of hot College chics :D
  12. Use monster.com. A cousin of mine swears by it. Just enter the resume and watch the interviews pile up...or so i her. Give it a shot.
  13. Im actually gonna try this. Thanks bro, +rep

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