i Need a hard native soil ? answered, please some1 give me your expert opinion!

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  1. i have a question. I am growing in ground in a whole about 10 foot by 10 foot by about 2 feet deep - im adding my own rich soil mix to the hole. Im planting 10 plants... My question is....if the roots go through my good soil and hit the native soil....will they still be able to grow? I was thinking they would because by that time they will be big enough and have strong roots which will be able to penetrate the native soil. The native soil actually looks pretty good, there was alot of native plants growing in it, ALOT. I just like the idea of adding my own soil, but i dont want to dig a 4 foot down hole.I would think the roots could penetrate it. Maybe they cant when they are young....but when they are older and stronger i would think so. I am asking b/c i know that the larger the hole, the bigger the plant gets, the more bud yeilded. but who says the roots cant penetrate the native soil? Can someone confirm my feelings or contradict them, i really need this answered if possible. thanks alot....also, i have a big pile of dirt around the hole from being dug up, can i leave this there? Will it hurt anything. thanks so much
  2. Your stressin waaaay too much. First off its a great benefit to grow in the ground because yes plants can grow roots deep into the native soil, you said your adding potting soil, that just further enhances the nutrient benefit and aerates + drains better. You will have absolutely no problems with your medium.
  3. i call bs on jonster... lol. you might have a problem if its as bad as u say.. i would line the bottom with tiny rock for better drainage and so that the roots grow sideways instead of down
  4. I call bs on Redtag. Lining the bottom of a hole with stones will NOT increase the capacity of the soil below to absorb moisture.
  5. who is right, they both sound beleivable? thanks alot
  6. Dig a hole a cubic yard. Fill it with a cubic yard of soil + horse manure + compost.
    Plant a female seedling in that. Give it liquid fert a couple of times a week. You will get a glorious yield.
    But........ Can you identify a female seedling??
  7. wtf are you talking bout i said to help with drainage bc if he has hard native soil under there it wont drain easily.. DUH

  8. The rate at which a layer of soil will drain depends on the rate at which the soil below it can absorb moisture from it. Putting stones on the soil below will not alter the rate at which it will absorb moisture. If it is hard and unabsorbent putting stones on top of it will not alter that.

    Why on earth would you think it does??

    We all know that putting stones at the bottom of a plant pot increases drainage, but it does that by increasing the area that the soil has in which to drip into the air outside. No such effect occurs here, the area of contact between the layers remains the same. You are ASSUMING that it will act like a plant pot, but haven´t thought it through.
  9. arite no offence to anyone but u all need to chill out

    anyway u should be fine with the native soil maybe dig one more foot down if ur really worried

    if u want u can also check the ph of the native soil just to make sure its not too acidic or basic
  10. haha sry yah go with wat he says
  11. Ok sorry all, no offence, I am chilled y´all.

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