i need a good stash box???

Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, May 29, 2004.

  1. I need a good place 2 hide my weed i already got busted once... any ideas were i could hide it???
  2. in your car or in your house???
  3. I used to hide my weed in my PC's removable hard disk rack :) (Hard disk removed.) Also inside your computer is a good place, bit tricky though...Really there are millions of places where nobody ever looks, just use your imagination. If you meant on the road its a different story
  4. ^^ same, i used to just reach inside my comp and slip it in one of the slots above my hd.. or anywhere in your comp case would work.... any practical place..
  5. i live wit my parents and i don't got my own car.... would it be good inside an altoids pack inside my backpack???
  6. any good ideas??? would it be fine in my backpack??? or any places that no1 would find it i got gamecube not ps2 so that wouldn't work..........
  7. i have a spot my parents could search my room and never find it
    if you have a dresser then pull out the bottom drawer and then there should be a spot perfect under there. just put the drawer back in and they will never find it

    i used to do this but then got lazy and just started putting it in my closet because no one ever goes in my room
    and just in case they do i have a coke bottle bong, a full ash tray, a dead lighter, a spoof, febreeze,and a bag with a tiny amount of weed in plain view. and on the bottem shelf on the way back out of plain veiw is my good bong, my wooden pipe, 2 vaporizors, 3 good lighters and my weed

    if my parents ever do go in there and find it they will see it and take everything in plain sight because it looks like enough. when they ask me about i say i just finished smoking the rest and they will take it all away and think thats all i had and not give it a good search and find everything
  8. thnkz 4 da dresser idea but my dresser ain't like dat... any other places???
  9. i'm lookin for a good place to hide my weed so my parents won't find it...........
  10. hide it in your lungs
    if you got a stereo take the fuzzy thing off the speaker then hide it there
  11. aight yea i do i'll try dat but would it be safe in my backpack??? any other ideas???
  12. up your ass

  13. go to a used computer shop and pick up the shittiest computer their just ask if they got some old computers, or computer cases that they are going to throw away, working at a computer store I know this will work, then bring the computer home take EVERYTHING from the inside and throw it out all ull need is a philly screw driver and ur golden :p. then buy some thumb screws since unscrewing ur computer each time with a screw driver would sux, put the not working computer beside ur working computer and ur set :)
  14. search the where do you put your weed? thread...its a bunch of places w/ ppls stashes, do some research:)

    i put mine in a tin in this cavity at the bottom of my drawers in my desk

    edit-or just lock it somewhere, or dig a hole
  15. dude u are a fucking geniuis

  16. christ search button dude, thiers like a thread with about 150 responses o where pepole hide thier stash....and we dont livc with you so you gotta find thayt out to see whats best n shit peace
  17. get an empty philly blunt box from a convenient store. if anyone asks, you got it because it smells good as a bitch

    and they do smell good as a bitch
  18. all my stuffs just in a cigar box n ive been beused before..

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