I need a good setup for my 19in X 39in X 9ft closet!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by endergsr, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, first off i just want to say thanks to anyone who provides help, i really appreciate it! I just recently obtained my growers permit and im planning on doing a large grow in my basement, but for now i am going to start a smaller grow in my closet!

    The closet measures 19 inches (1.6 ft) deep, 39 inches (3.2 ft) wide, and 9 feet tall.

    I would like to get the best yeild possible.

    Question #1 - how many plants should i grow in this area for the best yeild?
    Question #2 - what lighting should i use for a grow such as this?
    and finally
    Question #2 - what kind of growing technique would you guys sugguest?

    Thanks ahead of time for the help guys!!! As soon as its going i will have a journal!!!
  2. damn, im disappointed guys... last time i was on this forum i got more help than i could possibly ask for. i guess the times have changed :confused:
  3. I'm a new grower myself, but maybe I can lend a couple of helpful ideas to get you started.

    You asked about light, and most people are going to recommend a high pressure sodium(HPS - for flowering) light or metal halide(MH - for vegging) light. For your size i would guess either a 250watt or maybe a 400watter. You could always get several daylight colored (6500k) cfl's for the vegg period. Then get the HPS for flowering.

    First things first though, so you'll want to germinate your seeds, assuming thats what you have. I'm guess you have room for 3, maybe 4 plants, so germinate 5 or 6 seeds and pick the healthiest when they get big enough or show sex. You can do a ScrOG to increase yield, anywhere from 2 - 8 O's is possible. there are how-to's on this site for that. pm me if you have any more specific questions. hope that helped.
  4. if i were you, since floorspace is a problem but height is not...id definitly set up a 2-3 plant dwc and just grow 2 or 3 monster plants under a 400 watt hps/mh
  5. u can either grow 2-3 monster plants like he said... or u could take andvantage of ur heigt... mabe 2-3 shelfs.... 2 3.5 ft shelfs then a 2 foot clone/mother shelf with a few cfls... so u can keep constantly take out finished plants and put in new clones right away.. perpetual harvest... keeping ur plants smaller and finishing sooner... ? but thats just my 2 cents

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