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I need a good excuse...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hwillieyams, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I got a misdemeanor for possession in Utah last week (I live in California). They won't transfer it to Cali, so I have to go back for my court date.

    Apparently, my license is going to get suspended for a year (in addition to whatever other punishment), which normally wouldn't be the biggest problem. However, my parents don't know about the misdemeanor and I'm not planning on telling them until I've taken care of it and gotten my shit back together. When my license gets suspended, the insurance company will notify them AND raise their premium, apparently. But when I tried talking to my mom about taking me off the insurance, she said it doesn't cost them anything extra. So I don't have any legitimate excuse. I'm hoping somebody here can help me think of some excuse as to why I should be taken off the insurance.

    Also, apparently the license suspension can be avoided entirely if I enter a diversion program. Does anyone know what Utah's diversion programs are like?
  2. Personally I think you should be straight up with your mother and tell her..

    It's not good to hide things from your parents, especially things they will be paying for.
  3. Just say you did something else , you can find some other law that has the same punishment as possession therefor allowing her to know, but not that it was marijuana related
  4. Worst case scenario, tell her you had a friend who was smoking and he would have been hit a lot harder if he was busted. Then offer to pay them for the extra costs on the insurance.
  5. Just do the diversion program, go back to Utah 3 times a week for the next few months. Rofl
  6. The problem isn't that it's weed related, they know I smoke. I just don't wanna seem dumb and irresponsible for being caught (which I am). If I can do this right, they won't be paying for it. I'm taking full responsibility for this.

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