I need a good band logo artist...

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  1. I'm in a band that used to be called Demise of the Messiah. Then, we were pretty heavily into metal and thrash. As we started to become more skilled musicians, we were known as Last Summer In Heaven, playing melodic happy metalcore. Now, we are known as A Hint of Human, and when I say "we," I mean just myself and the lead guitarist, Adam. The other two guys have gone their separate ways, but we've been making better music than ever. Now, I'd consider ourselves to be neo-classical metal, like Muse.

    tl;dr, anyone want to make us a band logo for the name "A Hint of Human"? Preferably in .gif format with a transparent background. That way we can use it for digitally created album covers.

    Who's band logo I decide to use gets rep from me. If I like it a lot, I will tell you to keep posting in this thread and I will give you extra rep. :D
  2. been down this road. just pay a pro man itll save you a lot of hassle.
  3. im a freelance graphic artist...i will make u one for a small fee.....hit me up in a pm if your interested...

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