I need a girl. whose in Oregon?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by dezz, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I just need a girl perspective on things. I'm looking for friends that I could talk to via internet or txt or even personal.
  2. I'm a woman in Oregon. :)
  3. How old are you?

    you know alot about garden?
  4. I'm old enough. Ask me via pm. Uh know a fair share about gardening, but am always learning.
  5. OP is gonna get his nut hahahaha
  6. One of my ex's is in Oregon.

    She used to be thick, and now she's not. :confused_2:
  7. i <3 oregon.
    sadly, im leaving in a couple of weeks. been here a year or so
  8. Why would u ever leave a place like Oregon.. espically portland.. Amazing here!
  9. gardening my ASS, HAHHA
  10. I've been to Eugene.

    Quaint little town that is. :cool:

  11. well my lease is up on my house, and im planning to thru hike the appalachian trail next spring.gonna go see my family in alabama and stay with them for a while before i head out.
  12. i need a woman, who's in Colorado?!
  13. im a guy from new jersey. i also know nothing about gardening.

    just figured id let you know.
  14. i know alot about farming.
    gardening? not so much.

  15. DANG... Be Safe!
  16. don't you have aids

  17. he wants to plough her field man.
  18. I know about mushrooms, thats not really gardening though.
  19. [quote name='"Richard Dawkins"']I know about mushrooms, thats not really gardening though.[/quote]

    That's mycology nigaaaaa

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