I need a favor from one of you please

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  1. can someone pleeeeaaaasseee post an xbox live free trial code thing i could use? the ones that are in your game cases and stuff. help me out guys. thanks
  2. Disable your gold account. Look on your dashboard a few hours later for a $2 for 2 months of service offer... It works everytime.

  3. im just trying to watch some netflix right now... ive come to the gc community in need of help.

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    Dude just go to xfinity.com problem solved

  6. but i will definitely use that trick in the future. thanks bruh
  7. You can make a new account with a free month of gold membership up to 9 times on your xbox. Just make a new profile and itll be there as an offer on your dashboard.

  8. i am not sure you are aware, but netflix on xbox live is the most amazing thing ever and you can litterally find anything to watch.... im feining for these codes
  9. Well if you have netflix on your xbox you have to have an acc. So just watch the shit on you computer. By the way add me, I'll fuck any of you up in any COD and Bfbc2
    GT- Gu3sswh0h1tu
  10. if your account has already been activated, you can't use 2 day-or 1 month codes to keep adding time to your xbox, the code will be invalid everytime.

    I have tried.
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    Lol the ps3 store has every movie made and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. :D
  12. Make a new account, and when they offer you gold. say No, then they will give you a month free i think it is :)
    One Love
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    Don't we pay for each movie? Lol

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