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I need a fact or fiction opinion about THC levels

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jasper19, May 10, 2016.

  1. I know a fellow who claims that if you only smoke clones that are at least 6-7 generations that it wont set off a drug test like plants that are from seed or clones from just one or two generations. He swears by it.

    Fact or BS? He seems pretty knowledgeable and maybe he believes it but he claims to have passed multiple piss tests and smokes almost daily.
  2. That sounds like a very large steamy pile of bullshit to me. If it has THC in it, you will test positive.
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  3. Yeah that's nothing but bull excrement. I personally would get rid of that "guy you know" because all he will ever tell you is lies that make you look stupid.
  4. Im not saying I agree or disagree with him. I just find it odd that he uses small amounts almost daily and has passed multiple piss tests.
  5. Just stick with he is full of shit and you will be correct. You have no clue on how he is passing those tests or if those tests are even real unless you are in the room with him. He's not telling you the whole story.

    Like I said I pinch off so called friends that can't get their facts straight and ones that lie intentionally or just because they want to feel like they know something others don't. I don't have time for liars neither should you. He's wasted your time and now mine. I'm out.
  6. He's full of shit.
  7. Thanks for the input. I thought it was fishy but I'm going to let him think what he wants. He's a decent guy and it's not worth making a stink over.
  8. He preys on your gullibility. Weed is weed, even a 7th generation clone.
  9. He passed because they are not testing every sample. $$$$

  10. Yeah don't believe that. Trusting that info will just leave you to be screwed over
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  11. #11 jasper19, May 11, 2016
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    No we all take the same basic screen. I have taken it about a year ago before when I hadn't been smoking for a few years. Its the 5 panel.
  12. Oh I didn't believe it but one thing I have learned over the years that no one knows everything and wanted to make sure I hadn't missed it. I immediately doubted it when he said it and Im sure I would have read about it somewhere. I mean if that's all it took jeez the country would be going crazy to sell clones like that. He is a decent guy so I don't hold it against him.
  13. Understandable. As long as he doesn't have bad intentions, there is no reason to be mad at the guy haha

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