I need a current sativa reccommendation for 2011/2012

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  1. Alright so I will try to keep this as short as possible...

    Sativa strain
    Soil Grow
    Sealed closet grow tent
    Roughly 2x2x6 measurements
    150 watt HPS
    2x additional smaller CFL

    Top priorities of what I'm lookin for:

    Purely sativa (no 60/40, 50/50-ish sativa/indica hybrids)
    That trippy, psychedelic, paranoia inducing high
    Enhanced visuals and sound
    Low odor (or atleast not noticeable outside closet with a scrubber and ona bucket)
    Grow from seed (online seedbank) no clones

    Secondary priorities if I can get them:

    Big yield
    Short flowering time
    Low cost (under $100 for 5-10 seeds)

    Aight so I'm looking to get suggestions on a CURRENT sativa strain. I've done my searching and so far my number one pick (from what I've read) is the older Cinderella 99 or C99 and second pick dutch passion brainstorm. Unfortunately from what I've found the F2 C99 is all gone and brainstorm is getting hard to find as well. From what I've read C99 is exactly what I'm lookin for feeling wise and the newer C99 crosses are supposed to be mellower? Don't want that...if anything I want that same strength or better!

    This will be purely for pregaming before and during local raves...yes raves don't give me that look! As you can tell by my growing space I'm just trying to grow some QUALITY stuff for myself and to pinch off some for close friends, not trying to become the local dealer extraordinaire. We have really bad inconsistent quality in my area and I finally wanna be able to smoke some grade A stuff. I won't disclose my location but...I'm from the state where deathstar came from to those who know. The only time I've had strains that I knew exactly what they were was Northern Lights and Lemon G. Majority of people just sell bagseed under made up names...yeah.

    So come on blades help me out and give me some suggestions!
  2. C99 would be your only option. Short flowering pure sativa <- Thats not a sentence. lol. I'm also looking into C99, if you get the seeds start a log please. Someone once said C99 is the holy grail of sativas, who knows if its a plug but I can't wait to try it!
  3. I'm not so concerned about flowering time, thats why I put it in second category. Obviously though the quicker it finishes the quicker I can enjoy it.

    Also I hope I didn't come off sounding like I'm only interested in the absolute best. Generally though I think if anyone spends money on something you would want the best you can get for your money. But like I said if C99 isn't available anymore there's nothing I can do about that. I realize I was aiming for the best of the best and sometimes thats not realistic. So I will settle for something lesser...again, I'm looking for CURRENT great strains. Idk maybe some kind of haze?

    And happy turkey day everyone.
  4. Your limiting factors are going to be vertical height and possibly light. Assuming 8" or so for the pot and about 1' for lights at the top, that's going to leave you with around 4 feet of vertical space. If you want a pure sativa you're definitely going to want to look into LST and/or SCROG. I can't personally recommend a strain, just wanted to throw this out there in case you hadn't thought of it. Pure sativas generally want to grow very tall.
  5. Femaleseedz.nl (breeder @ tude) just released a Cinderella99. Their grapefruit is also woth looking into, the have a wide array of sativa genetics that are reliable. Another to look into would be their easy sativa.

    If you want landrace genes, ace and cannabiogen are woth looking into. Ace carries a few sativas and sativa hybrids that dont get SUPER stringy like their vietnam black x thai, nepalese haze, bangi haze... some of the other sats that are taller but more trippy would be the haze/ thai crosses, double thai, panama and malawi arnt trippy but strong.

    Lots of good companies out there offering good sativas. Holy smoke, mandala, mr nice to name a few.
  6. ThanQs alot dude that sounds like plenty of names for me to research!

    Ryeseisi, yes I knew from the beginning I was going to need to do some LST to keep it under control height wise. Generally I've heard most indoor sativa grow to about 120cm height wise. Is this not true? I think I would be able to deal with that.
  7. I had a grapefruit that wanted to go 7ft + under my 400watt after heavy trim, fim, tie downs and super cropping. Look into supercropping.

    Cindy will be shorter. A trick to keep your sat dominante genetics a little shorter is to pop your beans, make that plant a mother and use her clones to grow/flower. This will give yah a shorter flower time and gnerally a little shorter stature. Bondage is going to be the key for you friend.
  8. Short and sativa aren't normally used in the same sentence. Norcali is spot on with the recommendation of cloning. If you don't have the resources for a mother/clone area and a flowering area, you'll definitely have to be vigilant about tying,supercropping,lst,scrog and everything else to contain a pure sativa. BTW, the majority of "pure" sativas from seed stores are not true sativas. If you want the trippiest,most anxiety,and spacial distortion for your buck I would go with a Thai or oldschool Panama Red. If, and that is a big IF, you find a legit bank that has these landrace genetics the chances of growing a hermie is there because they are wild plants. Be prepared to keep 2 plants in case one needs to be cut. For any light 400 watts(minimum for sativas) or less you may just want to do them 12/12 from seed.
  9. The height of any strain is dependent on genetics first and foremost, followed by training and then environment (could flip flop those two in certain circumstances). If you're interested in a certain strain(s) and you're concerned with height, try to find out from the breeder (not the seedbank, they can't give grow info) either directly (email/phone) or indirectly (forums/website/journals) what to expect, both generally and at the extreme in terms of height. Knowing that a strain generally grows out to 120cm is no good if you get the phenotype that wants to stretch to 7 feet ;). But this info can really only come from someone who has either grown out the strain more than a couple of times, or the person who created it.
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    Trust me man I was joking. :smoke: I'm a sativa lover myself, but hate the long flowering time. Your questions are valid these are the next sativas I'm looking at.

    Kali Mist, Maui Wowie, Dr. Grinspoon, C99 maybe Arjan's Haze. The problem I have with current/modern strains are the breeders.

    But if you do get a nice sativa start a log, please.

    Goodluck, Friend.
  11. Super Jack is amazing (Super Silver Haze X Jack Herer) Its not a pure sativa but its extremely sativa dominant and gives an awesome, trippy and awake kinda high
  12. Barney's farm dr grinspoon I've been growing since my last trip to the dam. not too leafy. easy to scrog and lst. I got her going with some of my biggest bushes and push her through an intensive veg to an even longer flowering period and harvest her. All the time you'll see these sativa lovers talking of heirloom sativa genetics. While grinspoon i harvest at first sign of all cloudy with some ambers and I've gotten intense head rush feelings off of a single hit. If you got tons of time (12-18 weeks of flower) then it's fun one.

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