I need a cure for piss test

Discussion in 'General' started by PerfectionSilo, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Hey anyone!!!! I need some cheap and easy ways to pass a piss test for pot, I want to smoke but im in the diversion program. Get piss tested randonly every weak, i need to know how to get it out of my system fast cuz i realy like smoking its been my cure for life for 3 years. Please Help Me.
  2. there is no way to get it out fast. you can dilute and pray you pass but thats no way to live. If you have some prep time before the test comes you should try to use someone elses piss. I had a similar situation and had to pass, till I was clean I used the Urinator with synthetic urine and it worked like a charm even with the test supervisor looking ove my shoulder. But that costs 150$ for the unit and 10$ per vile for the urine.

    But after all that I just quit and am gonna wait till I dont have to go anymore. Now I go and pass tests without having to worry about getting in more trouble and its a lot less stressfull.

    Good Luck Bro

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