I need a bong.

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  1. I've always wanted a bong ever since the first time I smoked it's luscious, cooled smoke. Mmmm. Anyway, I need a small one that can be hidden well, I already have a spoon I just need a bong to get ripped. Anything small and sexy will do. Recommendations please?

  2. you might wanna check out the molino mini bongs.i've never tried one so someone else can probably help you out but for 20 bucks shipped from here it may just be worth a shot. try googlingsome reviews on it
  3. wats your budget?
  4. Honestly the skies the limit. I'll save for the most badass one if you can find it.
  5. So you know with a small bong, your only going to be able to take small rips ( unless you have iron lungs )

    I find out having a slightly taller bong makes it more conveineint. The smoke wont make it to your mouth before you pull the ash through the slide. 1.5 foot straight tube, or a beaker bottom in my opinion at the smallest.
  6. That's a good point. I checked out the Molino Mini Bong and that beast seems like a little badass lol. Taller would be better, I just don't want my parents to find it. :D
  7. I want a bong to, so when I get some cash im gonna buy the mini-bong gift set off of this site that comes with everything that i would want or need for an awesome experience. It's only $25

  8. so you got 2g's to drop on a bong cause i can find a badass tube for 2g's :cool:
  9. illadelp coil. 800+.

    um 35cm 5mm/7mm roor little sista
    9mm us tubes
    a toro perc
    a lux perc
    any sheldon black
    jeez what else is cool.
    a lego maybe
  10. I got time. Lots of it. Let the saving begin! Lol.
  11. Toro percs are sick. I think I might check into those.
  12. you should get a lear inline for it if you actually got the monies and want to spend it. his work is so awesome.
  13. I honestly have all the time in the world to save up, I don't have to buy a bong THIS SECOND, just looking for some ideas you know. So far you guys have been very helpful thanks alot ;). I'm gonna go smoke a bowl now.

  14. btw you should try to get an account with bit freak glass if you want high end stuff unless you know a good shop around your place
  15. In that case Illadelph/Salt Collab Coil Bong
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    Hey man, i know exactly what can help you! this website has high quality hand made colorfull and extremely chunky peices, i buy from them ALL the time, very reliable.

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    -if this website doesnt satisfy you, i honestly dont know what else will :D

    hahah and no, im not a paid advertiser, i just love them ferr their peices.

  17. ^spam. also, that site is SHITTY. the only thing they have that is sort of worthwhile are genuine zongs.

    if you can find one, get an sg gridline, with or without a perc.

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