I need a bong expert to help me locate a particular piece

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    5 or more years ago,
    in Berkeley, California..
    There was a shop that did tattoos, sold clothes and upstairs had a headshop on famous Telegraph ave.
    I think they were called "Wicked"

    This head shop had a big 3' tall or so bong for like $400. Inside this bong was one of those plasma tesla ball thingies where when you touched the bong, it shot the spark through the bong to your finger and lips! Dudes it was awesome!

    The bong itself was hollow like a light bulb around the water chamber like a normal bong. Think of a normal straight glass bong about 3" high no bends or bulges or bubbles but it's two glass layers thick and has lightining shooting around on the inside!

    I went back two years or so ago to buy this bong but I think either the shop was closed or they closed their head shop section and no longer had the bong! Please I need help locating one of these! It is my life long dream pipe! I have been dreaming of the day I get to rip fat loads of smoke through a lightening bong! I'm kinda an electronics engineer so electricity and weed are my two favorite things! lol

    Anybody know where I can start looking? I've tried everything.

    The bong has this inside of it so when you touch it or put your lips on it it's fucking rad! If I remember right it might even make your hair stand up. lol
    I need that bong! Help!

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  2. if you are looking to get one, email KIND creations, or i'll ask next time i'm in there. Brandon, the owner, likes a challenge and to create new things. Like the twisted tree perc.. imagine a tree perc, but its more of a spiral than a tree. or he just started making percs inside of percs that actually pull nicely. I'm sure they can at least give you some direction..
  3. a piece w/ a telsa coil?! holy shit that would be awesome... was it ran off of d/c or a/c?? for safety purposes i hope it was low voltage DC... something like 12-24v?

    although i could see how it would work. you put the coil on a sealed section of the tube, with another tube blown in the middle of that "kinda like an illdelph coil but no liquid in the coil" if you find that piece we MUST see pics...
  4. Was it something like this?

  5. Yes,
    it was surely the coolest damn piece I ever did see in my 10+ years of enjoying utensils.
    I need to find it! Somebody has it somewhere! Help me find that puppy! lol

    It was basically just like you said, a tube in a tube. Like a double layer glass pipe with liquid in it ya know? Just a double layer tesla bong! Shit really worked too when you touched it or put your lips on it! I shoulda bought it when I had the chance years ago but would have probably broke it by now anyways.

    It was wall powered. (AC) Had a plug coming out of it with a long chord to go in the wall socket. Obviously since it was double tubed and 3' tall it was a stationary type piece so no worries about plugging it into the wall because it will get it's own little table at that price and stay in my room! haha

    Somebody knows how to find this thing. I've looked all over and don't see anything like it.
  6. was it glass on glass? if you find one i want to see this thing in action.
  7. Want! I have a tesla ball in my room that I've had since I was like three... I would love a bong with that! I would only let people I love and trust use it (no rookies) but I still want!
  8. Oh shit! That's it! haha
    Where'd you get it! lol
  9. Found it on google i images, but im trying to find it myself too, if i have any look i will keep you updated.
  10. You're awesome!
    I couldn't even google up an image!
    +rep mang!
    I knew you guys could help!

    At least I have a picture of it now. haha better than nothing!
  11. Haha, tis no problem, i am defiantly continuing the search for this though, im really interested in this one.
  12. That is a sick bong.

    Has anyone ever heard of The Bern Gallery? They are located in Burlington, Vermont. I did some googling and apparently they might have this bong. Their specialty is plasma pipes. Unfortunately, I could only find their profile on myspace and GlassPipes.org
  13. I probably go there once a week :)^^.

    They have a plasma hookah (the cheapest of the plasma pieces but one of my favorites), plasma bubbler, plasma starwars piece (I believe its around $4,000, amazing stuff, impossible to describe), used to have a plasma tube and so on.
  14. what would a cheaper plasma piece go for?


  15. I'd say the cheapest might be $200-250. I'm actually about to head into Burlington right now, I'll let you know what I find there.
  16. k cool thanks alot!

  17. wow, if you find out where to get one of these, i would def scoop one for a novelty piece and it just seems awesome. all of the cool looking shit at your hand where you grip it and at the mouth piece when you go to hit it, holy shit.
  18. Bump :)
    they had these in Cali at one point. Where did they gooooo?
  19. I don't know where to find that exact one but i know of a place that has a few plasma bubblers. they range from 1000-3000. i have one reserved for em and theres still 2 left.!
  20. I was in Bern Gallery a couple weeks ago and they had a plasma hookah (meant for weed though not shisha or however the fuck you spell it) for something like $300 I wanna say. Very cool piece

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