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  1. Morning...
    ok so here goes try number two LOL...(not) i typed all this yesturday but it failed to save and load and was lost...is ok in some ways because i researched last night and found a few things i may have done to contribute to this stress on my babies...

    so first my light is 600w HPS luminex bulb. enclosed flower box is ventilated with incoming air and a humidifier inside (now because i couldnt pipe enough humidity in through the intake to offset the light) i use flora novum veg, and bloom respectivly (1 tsp per gallon). i also now use super thrive (2 tsp per gallon). up until last week i was buying distilled water, but as my girls have gotten older their thirst has made me seek a more efficiant solution....so i got out my 5 gallon fish tank, cleaned it and filled it with just city water and an airstone after 24-30 hrs i then poured the water as needed into the distilled gallons and added nutes respectivly. watering cycle is twice daily..50ml per week of age (morning feeding is with nutes, afternoon is just straight water) with spray misting the leaves with pure water and rotation of the plants 2-3 times a day if i am not at work, or twice if i do.
    so a few days ago, i noticed my 4 week old looking more hungry, and i upped the flowering nutes to 2 tsp. of floranovum bloom in the gallon of nutes mix. the very next day i noticed a bit of yellow and browning on my 3 week old.
    solution was on thursday am before work i flushed all flowering plants with just water, but gave them 2-2.5 times more than usual. when i came home from work i was shoked to see not only did they not recover at all, they had suffered severe leaf burns, and what appears at first glance to be nute burn..
    solution...continue to flush with standard watering schedule and foliar spraying. so after reading for what sems like hours and looking at pictures i realize it may not be nute burn from ferts, and upon inspecting my mother and 4 clones, i see a very small amount of yellow spots forming and some yellowing of leaf tips. hmmm i think because mothers feeding schedule has not changed in 6-8 weeks.
    suddenly it occurs to me this could be the water, so yesturday am i went back to distilled water on all girls, yesturday and today i'll water as usuall but no nutes to try to flush and evil out.
    in my reading i discovered i should NOT be foliar spraying while the lights r on? i have been doing this since the beginning i figure up until 2 weeks b4 harvest to simulate rain, and morning/evening dew. is it possible the water has caused my leaves to burn? i dont recognize if its nutes, city water, or light magnification burns LOL its a weed right? shouldnt it just grow on its own...LOL i can definantly see why most people i talk to have trouble growing their own meds...to be done properly takes a whole lot of work.
    i soon will be in a position to help patients....by august, september after i move into my new house next week and get set up...but the learning curve is facinating...my girls im pretty sure will live, but i want maximum output, so i seek your help....
    once i move i am trying to decide wether to go with shredders type of mixture and stick with soil, or switch over to hydroponics, or airoponics.
    i have stopped foliar spraying since yesturday, and am hoping they recover quickly, i also ended up trimming off most of the damaged leaves this morning, once they were more than 60-70% dead...
    i will add photos as soon as i figure out how LOL
  2. You should NOT be foliar feeding / spraying while the lights are on. I personally don't foliar feed at all, and don't recommend it because of the increased risk of mold / powdery mildew, etc...unless it's necessary to combat an issue that can only be remedied by foliar feeding / spraying.

    As the water evaporates, it leaves the salts from the water to burn your leaves.

    LOL! Yes it is considered a weed and they're easy to grow as long as you don't "over" care for it ;) :D

    Can you post a pic of the plant so we can see it? It'll help us, help you :smoke:

    Also, You say "water cycle is twice a day" I'm assuming your growing hydro?

    What's ur ph?

    And what strength nutes are you giving the plants? I'm not familiar with some of the nutes that you're using.
  3. thanks
    i've learned so much since i posted this.
    ill update here shortly...
    it actually took me this long to figure out where this thread was listed LOL and i consider myself computer literate...
    i still have yellowing leaves on two plants
    the strain is unknown as they r bag seed
    they are in bacto promix soil no added nutes
    i mixed 1 tsp p gal General hydroponics flora nova bloom 4-8-7
    in veg they got " " " " grow 7-4-10
    also 1 tsp liquid karma
    i has been feeding them approx 15 oz in the am
    then when i got home rotating them and feeding 10 or so oz clean water
    i was spraying them with water only several times daily (i have stopped this practice even thought they seemed to like it)
    i waited 10 days and did nothing but water distilled every other day or so.
    i have four plants currently in the flower room
    each was germinated at the same time, but were held in veg for differant times
    i put them under the 12/12 1 at a time approx 1 week apart
    recently i bubbled my tap (municipal) water for 24 hrs then flushed the oldest with 10 gallons clear water in the kitchen sink...she seemed happy so a day later i did the same for the second oldest
    that was 3 days ago, and the yellow leaves are still very pronounced, the leaves still drop, and im worried they are dying. the colas look great with the oldest plant showing alot of purple leaves near the fruit..
    i have pictures, not sure how to drop them in here yet, but ill try
    all four plants seem to shw differant signs at differant times these past couple of weeks, which is to say when i compare pictures online and read it seems like my plant leaves have several mineral defic. so i assume my soil locked?
    i have just this morning fed the two youngest plants a small dose of 1 tsp LQ because they are showing lots of yellowing this morning.
    makes me sad
    i compares my plants to alot of pictures monday night and they seem to be a awesome size/cluster/shape/stem and cola site locating...i spent alot of time caring for them and talking to them, bending and shaping and they seemed perfectly happy up until now, and all are showing signs.
    the mother plant still under floros is amazing, and showing almost no signs of stress other than the casual leaf droop and drop...
    same age as the others only not under lights..
    it leads me to wonder if maybe my nutes suck? maybe im ph locked? maybe my city water has crap in it? all this stress on the girls started when i switched from gallon size distilled water to city water to save cost and time? i should go and buy 40 gallons distilled and flush all 4? i flushed 2 with bubblked city have i poisened them...poor girls only time will tell now unless i flush again with distilled...
    question what are the chances the municipal water has some contaminante in it either by their source or my building leaching it in? anyone heard of this being a problem?
    sorry for the rant, im happy to have had time to find my thread again...LOL i lost it for a while
    gonna go post pictures

  4. soil - I wouldn't recommend watering every day. Water enough that you get some water coming out of the bottom of the pot, and then don't water again until the soil is dry 1-2" below the surface.

    Overwatering causes drooping and yellowing leaves.

    A good watering schedule is water, water, nutes, water, water, nutes. I see a lot of soil growers that use this watering / nute schedule with great success.

    it takes some time for them to bounce back, if there's salt build up in the soil from nutes, if the ph is off, etc....

    What's the ph been?

    When you reply to a thread, scroll down and you'll see "manage attachments" you can post pictures using that, or you can click on this icon [​IMG] at the top of the reply box and insert a link to your pics.

    If the plants are in ph lock, they'll show deficiencies/toxicity for sure. If they are indeed in ph lock, you need to flush with plain ph'd water to get the ph of the soil in check. 6.5-6.8 is a good range.

    You can get a water report from the city/town/village/county that you live in to see what's in it.

    If you're letting the chlorine evap, I think it'd be fine, but again I'm not sure what's in your water.

    Also, the PH of city water and distilled are not the same, definitely need to check the PH / PPM's of the city water to see what you're working with.

    I've looked at the pics in the gallery and they're a couple weeks old, have you posted updated pics?

    If I've missed something, let me know and if I don't know I'll point ya in the right direction ;)

    Good luck! :smoke:
  5. thanks for the quick response.
    i spent a bit and found my links in here LOL i havent spent near enought time in this forum, i do like it however now.
    new pics ill upload the set from this weekend right now...
    ph has been tested and adjusted prior to watering so should be ok, but i dont have capability to test soil, just the water b4 i add it (chemicle drop test kit small vial) i purchased a ph,h2o,light tester but it was cheap and dosent work well i dont think
    as of 10 days ago or so i am watering wholey different, just water, and 15-25 oz when they need it, every other day or so, i am paying close attention to their leaves for droop and weight of the pots...LOL theres a wicked learning curve....i just dont want to loose them..
    ill go upload pics then add them here, thanks again for your input

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