I need a better MFLB battery

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  1. I had my mflb for about 3 weeks now. I love every second of it. But I am looking for a longer lasting battery that will outlast 12 hits from the stock batteries it came with.

    I don't really care around price, but I do want something that can be found locally at a drug store or any store that is rechargeable.

    What kind of battery brands and types do you recommend? ie. Duracell, Energizer etc etc
  2. Energizer claims to have the longest lasting lithium batteries, used for 'high tech' devices. I think that they are also rechargeable but if not I'm sure you can find a similar battery that is.
  3. you need to be looking for a battery with a higher MAH.. if you have a R/C hobbie shop near you they will have the best.. way better than anything you will find at walmart..;)

  4. /\ /\ not rechargeable..
  5. I don't really know much about batteries, but what's the minimum MAH for mflb, and anything higher than that will be safe as long as it doesn't heat up?

    Is that the only number am I looking at?
  6. Needs to be 2000+

    I've got Powerex 2700 mah batts that I got at a local batteries express, they are great.
    I've got some Energizer 2500's that I got at wal-mart. They're good too.

    Also, make sure they are NiMH batteries, 1.2V
  7. very well, MFLB is worthy
  8. ok I had to do some looking but this is what I found

    it comes with a 2000mAh battery.. so you know you don't want to go lower than that..

    I found these at tower.. TowerHobbies.com | 303 Associated Reedy Rechargeable AA 2700mAh NiMH (4)

    walmart has these... Walmart.com: Energizer AA NiMH 2500MA Rechargeable Battery: Batteries

    I could help more if I knew where you are.. But that's ok you get the idea..

    oh and for some reason they say not to use radio shack batteries or charger..

    one more thing..remember the slower you charge batteries the better they work.. NEVER use a rapid charger..
  9. Awesome! EXACTLY what I needed to know

    It's going to be tough finding a slow charger now adays haha
  10. Best long lasting batts for the Box are the Powerex 2700's.

  11. It's a 2700 mAh.. very nice for the price..
  12. Powrex 2700mah (These seem to be the easiest to find)
    Sanyo 2700mah (I had some of these before I got my MFLB)
    Duracell 2650mah (I have these)
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    Can you get stronger batteries than 2700 mah for mflb?
  14. If they're Ni-Mh (nickle metal hydride) and they're above 2700mah, then they'll work. Your MFLB will heat up faster and probably reach a higher max temp, meaning it'll take less time to finish a trench.

    At some point you don't want batteries so strong because that will force you to pull faster and if you've ever pulled fast on the MFLB you've see the herb just swirl around.
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    Yes you can. BUT see below.. ;)

    I do not own a MFLB.. :eek: But what you are saying makes a lot of sense.. Could end up just wasting your weed. also you may want to check with the makers of the MFLB and see what their Max. Rec. Mah is.. you could get to a point of voiding the warranty.. :eek:
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    You want to go to amazon.com and pick up a couple Powerex 2700's, MF owners themselves have attested to it being the best battery possible for the MFLB. You're also going to want a better battery charger, no 15 minute chargers, they destroy batteries. You're going to want a smart charger, if you go to the official MFLB thread(or not so official, no sticky) on GC there is multiple discussions about good smart chargers.

    Next time a simple search would of had all the info you needed.

    And if GC ever fails, fuckcombustion has any answer you can dream of.

    P.S. I want to make sure you understand, only powerex, other 2700 brands have been tested and found inferior. Powerex is what PD uses in their tasers, it has a lot of juice and it is used well.
  17. Current technology does not allow for a NiMH rechargeable to go above a rated 2700mah.
    If you see a rechargeable NiMH batt above that rating, it will, more than likely, not ever be able to reach that capacity once charged or.............they are fake.

  18. I have seen them say 3000mah but never used them.. Thanks for the info.. ;)
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    Thanks, that was the info I was looking for...
  20. Has anyone checked the rating on the Powrex or Sanyo 2700's? I've heard the reason Duracell put 2650mah on their product was because it's closer to the actual rating otherwise they would have put 2700.

    What I mean by this is hook it up to a meter than can test something like that. I doubt 2700's are really even 2700.

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