I need a 24 mm slide

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  1. Has anyone ever seen one? Know someone that can make one?
    I need it for my us tube natural
  2. ive never heard of anything being 24mm..
  3. Have fun finding a 25mm joint, i love my us tubes but it's s a bitch having a 25mm downstem, but that's weird the actual slide joint is 25mm, hmm
  4. I want to take out the 24 mm stem and use it like a true natty. It sounds badass without the stem. My lhs said it would be hard to find, but gc kbows things.
  5. I know you say it's 25mm but would a LW 28mm > 18mm 10 arm fit in there? If it does you could just get a 18mm slide and have an uber cool looking downstem.
  6. I don't want downstem I want 24 mm slide!

  7. I could make one if you really wanted, id gotta order the joint tho.

  8. this.

  9. This is gonna be your best bet. AD does great work for the price.

  10. Thanks man!

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