I need a 100% recipe for mush tea :)

Discussion in 'General' started by MCODE, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. alright, ive never made tea before and im going to have inbetween 3.5 and 6 grams depends im not sure yet.

    is 3.5 enough to make tea
    if it isn't is 6 grams?

    I need a recipe that will indeed work 100% I want to get retarded not stay sober lol
  2. ...why not just eat them?
  3. something new? some peope despise the taste of mushrooms like i do :D i also need a tea recipe:smoking:
  4. previous times I have done shrooms my stomach has given me problems and i eventually throw them up. with tea theres nothing to throw up I heard it gives a more intense trip and your stomach doesnt hurt.
  5. the come-up is much faster when you drink mush tea. i love it!

    1. grind your mushrooms as much as you want
    2. put them in a coffee filter, fold that filter up.
    3. boil a couple of cups of water
    4. turn down the heat to 2-3 on the stove, stick the mushrooms in.
    5. let it simmer for around 25 minutes. press the filter every now and then with a spoon to push the psilocybin out of the filter.
    6. toss in some herbal tea if you'd like. let it sit for few minutes. i had some mango passionfruit mushroom tea, it was delicious!

    i guess you could ice the tea or add sugar, but i've always had it hot. put the mushrooms in just below boiling temperature, make sure it's simmering slightly. too much heat destroys psyilocybin - not sure what temperature, just know what works well.

    it's nice to munch on some mush in a pb sandwich sometimes, but tea is the way to go for efficiency and overall taste. add some brownies to the mix, that's a hell of a tea party. wow, i'm stoned.
  6. Um. Doesn't heat break down psylocybin?
  7. yeah heat breaks down psilocybin into the more psychoactive, yet much shorter lasting psilocin.

    I like making tea for short strong trips when I happen to get like 3 or 4 bows from the pastures. It's only good for large amounts.

    We just slow simmer the shrooms in water for 15-20 minutes squishing the shrooms between two big spoons. make it stronger and stronger by simmering more shrooms in it over and over until your out. strain it out and add some koolaid and sugar. chug that shit and get ready for a trip stronger than any street acid could give you.

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