...I need $1. heh.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, May 9, 2006.

  1. I know this is going to sound stupid, but does anyone here have paypal? I ordered a digi scale via Ebay, and I mis-calculated the price. I am $1 USD short on it.. I have $7.18 and it's $8.18 and I can't wait the 4 days to upload a DOLLAR out of my bank =S. Think anyone here could help me out? If you will PM me and i'll send you my paypal addy.

  2. lol,...either your telling the thruth and needa buck or this is the funniest scam ive seen inawhile
    id give ya a paypal dollar if i had one,......
    and yea sometimes i give money to the people standing under bridges holding signs. ;)
  3. No, I'm dead serious. I wouldn't be scamming people for dollars haha. Or am I ? ;).
    Kidding kidding, I really do need a dollar. Look, I will even show you the auction:

    $0.99 for the scale, $7.19 for shipping.

  4. :D i hope you get your one dollar....
    im sure someone has one
    if id thought you were really tryin to make some chingaling ida closed it.
    if you do get it you must thank the person very kindly here so we all may know who's got the good karma comming
  5. Will do, I'm sure someone will see it who has PayPal. Thanks again for not closing it.

  6. yo if i had paypal id do it in a heartbeat for ya .. its a fuckin dollar.. if anone has it jsut give it to him hes not askin for 5+ or something u kno?
  7. yeah AFD is the man, someone needs to help him out. you know if i had paypal i would buddy.
  8. Haha, thanks guys. Yeah, eventually I'll find $1. I know I should save and buy a $15 one brand new, but I don't have a scale at the moment, and that one works, so oh well. My old digi broke and I'm sick of non-digital handscales.

  9. im concerned about your order now that ive read this......
    "Reliable, a little tempermental but will definitely get the job done!"
    makes me think tempermental might mean if it dont work wack it on the table?
    but im still crossin my fingers for ya ;)
  10. damn. if only i had paypal. sorry man lol, but i dont buy anything online, good luck on your search! lol, im sure someone on here will be glad to help ya out
  11. Hey, for $8 I don't care. :D I like throwing things around anyways.

  12. go look in your couch or rob the penny dish at 7-11
  13. hey man whats your paypal address ill send it
  14. You're gettin rep from me if he gets it :)
  15. yep i will also send some +rep your way if you give him that dollar. i would do it but i dont have paypal. VERY generous of you to help out a kind stoner just like yourself!
  16. I have paypal, but the dreadful 5 day waiting period is preventing me from sending a dollar.. as I used all the money I had to order a corncob pipe from ebay :rolleyes:
  17. fuck i dont keep money in my paypal or id send it.
  18. did you get it? I have a dollar I can send man lol...
  19. i would, but its on my mom's credit card, and this dosn't look right:

    $1 sent to pot head in Michigan.

    actually, i only used paypal once and that was for streamtv. and + rep to both if it goes through

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