I must be KAYRAZEE over Kanye!

Discussion in 'General' started by Liz_Lemon, Sep 14, 2009.

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    I swear I posted in a thread about Kanye West at the MTV awards tonight.
    And then all the threads are gone! Poof!

    All I can think of is some jerks turned it into a black/white thing, not just Kanye is a natural born douchenozzle.
    But why delete the entire thread and not just the racist comments?

    Anyway, they were deleted or I lost them, while I was off making this...
    Sorry it's less funny without the other comments, and no, I did not read any racist remarks, but they could have flooded in while I was generating my demotivational poster...


    My next one will be "Racists: Why we can't have nice threads"

    Keep it clean people...
    And this is teh funny too...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKIcrDsJAs"]YouTube - MTV VMAs Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech (HD)[/ame]

    Edit: If someone finds those other threads, I will feel like a real stoned dope!
  2. This was so 5 minutes ago.
  3. Dude, this isn't /b/.

    Kanye is a complete douchebag, who in my opinion never made a good song. I'm talking about his stuff, his productions, everything. Just real contrived.
  4. Sigh.....She Should've Pushed That N!kka Off Stage...But I am Liking Kanyes Haircut
  5. LOL, no kidding! I shouldn't have been off at the poster generator site.

    Since we are on the subject, how 'bout Pink!
    What a crazy perfomance!

    I can't embed it but here is the link, I can't believe she sang live through that whole high wire act...
    Sober (Live) | P!nk | Music Video | MTV
  6. kanye west is an ignorant jackass. this has nothing to do with his race. also, i hate mtv and all that jazz
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    My point is actually why does gc remove the ENTIRE discussion rather than just the inapproriate comments?

    Because once an entire discussion goes to hell in a hand basket, it's not worth cleaning the entire discussion up. *RMJL

    And here is the only link to the incident that viacom hasn't pulled of the net...
    Can't embed it.
  8. Also, your demotivational poster has a glaring typo in it. Unless you meant it to say "It's a 'tarp' "....
  9. i couldn't even understand that. what was it supposed to say?
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    I don't what happened to the giant Kanye thread that was like 10 pages.
    We had like 44 people viewing that thread at once kinda crazy for just talking about that dude.
    But there were a ton of threads that got on some weird racial shit even though nothing Kanye did had shit to do with race.

    Edit: What the hell shapes has Kanye cut into his hair now? Look at that dude's head.
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    Jeebus, is this your first time on the innernets?

    It's a tarp! Is a hella old and longstanding joke for the fact that it IS a typo, followed by a landslide of these....

    dont do it its a tarp - funny motivational posters gallery

    Maybe I'm just old and you missed that whole era of stupid tarp jokes...

    Google it
  12. Anyway, here is the apology blog, this seems familiar...

  13. That was such an asshole-ish thing to do. Seeing taylor just stand there after he said that made me feel really sorry for her.

    And wtf is with the apology?


    He's probably on coke - for real.
  14. i wonder if he did it because of the joe wilson interruption when obama was giving his speech. its his way of getting back at the white people

  15. Or he has a 12 year old girl type shit for him. I didn't even realize that was Kanye's blog at first.

    Also, I like his passive aggressive comments. Like "Beyonce had the best video of the decade," and then throwing in how he gave his awards to OutKast when they "deserved it over him," I think hinting that he'd like to see Taylor Swift do the same thing. Dude's an ass, just look at his head.

    And I'm far from a fan of Taylor Swift, but she's 10,000x as talented as Beyonce and Kanye.. but hey! Who cares about music now anyways, it's all about the culture surrounding the music, AMIRITE? :rolleyes:
  16. Why does anybody give a fuck?
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    I'd be mad if i was Kanye too lmao

    but anyhow he's a one hit wonder...Through the Wire was dope but all his other shit is horrible
  18. Not a huge fan. "Homecoming" is, imo, his best song. As far as the VMA incident goes, it sucks to be Taylor. It's an industry, there's going to be competition, and people aren't always going to have the nicest opinions. She'll live :rolleyes:
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    Why'd ya click, why'd ya post?

    I posted in the original thread because the Obama meme is HILARIOUS, that was up on youtube not an hour after it happened.
  20. Yeah, I fucking hate Kanye.

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