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  1. So my girl is about 4 -5 weeks old. She's in a coco/fox farm soil mix. She gets 6.4-6.5 ph'd water when needed. I have been having this problem for a few weeks now. I didn't feed her for about a week , no change. About 6 days ago I fed her a half dose of fox farm big grow and big bloom. I've watered once sence then. The lowest sun leaves start to yellow and as they get worse the next set of sun leaves above starts the cycle!:smoke::confused::mad: It might not be anything to worry about, but if I'm doing something wrong I want to fix it!!
  2. flush the piss out of her then start nutes over
  3. Well I've been giving her very light nutes for the most part so I don't think there is anything bad to flush?? That the strange thing. Light nutes then ph.'d, all in line.
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    that looks like nitrogen deficiency...i would up the nutes some more. especially since you havent been giving her much. She probably has gone through all the nutes in the soil.
    You know your ph is good so there is no lock out to worry about. and to be honest that doesnt look like nute burn or anything to warrant a flush.

    IMO you should keep doing 1/2 strength fox farm but water with nutes twice then go to every other watering. I bet she will start to grow well after that.
  5. i second the nitrogen theory....

  6. That soil looks bone dry, like powder. So you watered once in the last six days?

    In my environment in smaller cups, coco/peat mix, I'm watering several times a day, then once daily when transplanted to a 3 gallon, and up to 3 times a day during heavy bloom. The least frequently you should be watering, is once every two days or so, and that's if you have virtually no circulation or ventilation.

    Slowly start watering and feeding your girls more and they'll perk up, they need some food and some maintenance... and any other info you can share about your environment will help the folks here help you :) Good luck
  7. For instance, these ladies are also 5 weeks from germination here. Regular watering and feeding goes a long
    way, just be sure you don't let the pots over dry, and don't keep them drenched. When I was starting out,
    I'd gently lift mine to tell when they needed it, these days I just sort of 'know':



    Good luck!

  8. i agree, once in 6 days is a long time to go. a good rule of thumb is poke your finger an inch into the soil and if its dry then water untill there was a little run off.

    again, i would feed the plants nutrients the next two times then go every other watering.

    good luck
  9. That looks like magnesium deficiency, which is common in coco.
  10. Well y'all read it a little wrong. When I feed her it's in water. So if I fed(w/water) Monday then on Thursday a good soaking, and I posted Saturday(this is just an example). So I didn't go six days and only water once, lol. And if fox farm has mag, why would I have a def in it?!?
  11. we are just telling ya what we see. Thats what it looks like. FF does have mag in it but not a whole lot. A lot of people add epsom salt or cal/mag to help. I use 1/2 strength FF nutes for veg and had to ad a little epsom salt to help with the mag def.

    I personally water my plants ever 2 days and they get fed every other watering. Its just what they like. It wasnt a set feeding schedule. I do the finger test and also pick the pots up and see how light they are.

    its only advice bro. Take it or leave it.

    Good Luck,

  12. Regardless how often you say you're watering or feeding her, the soil is positively unhealthily dry in your photo, and you need to be doing it more often, as much as once a day depending on your environment.

    I feed every single day, several times a day during some stages, and give pure water only once every few weeks aside from the end flush. Anything less, and your plant will simply not grow as fast, and anything less than that, and you're asking for health trouble (which you have now). When you don't water and feed enough, you're inviting a myriad of deficiencies and issues. Once a plant has a taste of nutes, they begin requiring them regularly, it's just how it works.
  13. And you did say you fed them 6 days ago, and watered once since then... to me, that's a span of 6 days where they only were given liquid only once. That's simply not enough, unless you misspoke and you were watering more frequently, but looking at the dry soil in the photo and how it collects loosely around the edges of the pot (looks like it just came out of the bag, that's -way- too dry for a plant to thrive in) I'd have to say it does look like you only watered once in about the last week, like you mentioned earlier.
  14. Calcium and magnesium have some sort of unholy bond. If the ratio between them gets out of whack, one of the two can get locked out. Magnesium is usually the loser. This is normally not an issue. The nutes have calcium and magnesium in the correct ratios. Problems rarely arise.

    But coco has it's own issues with calcium. The coco gobbles up calcium, rendering it unavailable to the plant. This is an issue until the coco's calcium cravings are satisfied. This sequestering of calcium actually interferes with the plant's uptake of magnesium. Magnesium issues in coco are common. I grow in coco and I add extra Cal-Mag at every feeding. I've been using Botanicare's Cal-Mag Plus, but I'm going to switch over to Humbolt's Sea Mag and Sea Cal, which will allow me to feed the two elements separately. At only twice the price! What a deal. :p
  15. First off, thanks everyone that is helping me!!!! Second I will say I have never grown with coco before and I see now I should water it more. Also I have Epsom salt , but I'm a little weary to add anything called salt to a plant but ill give it a try.How much should I add to a gallon of water? Is Epsom salt something I can use for the whole grow or should I order something else online?
  16. Homer,

    I have not used Epsom. I can't give you the arguments for and against it. I've used Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus in two coco grows and it went well. I've also used Cal-Mag Plus in soil grows, though much more sparingly. That doesn't mean I'm ready to assert that this is the correct course for you. I certainly have seen coco growers use Epsom, at least as part of their Cal-Mag solution, particularly organic growers. I think something on the order of a tablespoon per gallon is traditional.

    I'm not an organic grower. I'm growing soiless, coco & perlite. I adjust the pH of my solutions to 5.8, like one would for hydro. But what you have going on is more like a soil grow. So what I'm using and how I'm using it may not be directly applicable to your circumstances.

    I'm not even sure what my pH target would be with that mix. Do you consider the coco an amendment to the soil and use the soil pH range, 6.5 to 6.8, or do you consider the soil an organic amendment to the coco and pH to 5.8 - 6.0? I'm not sure of the correct answer to that question. I think I'd treat it like soil.
  17. When I first got the coco the guy at the store said I should smash a teracata pot and mix it with the coco. I couldn't get myself to do that so I just added very little soil mix and was using 5.8 ph. After thinking about it when I transplanted it I decided to add more soil and start treating it more like soil, 6.5 ph. I've been having trouble finding perlite that doesn't have nutes added, that's why I haven't been using coco as hydro.I bought a couple of bricks and I do want to use it, hydro style. But for this plant I'm going to give it a splash of Epsom and get something online for the long run, sounds like I'll need a good bit? Would you say you get better harvest with coco as hydro or soil? How much of a difference is it?
  18. Well here she is, and her older sister to the right. I'm feeding both tonight and have added some Epsom salt. If I can get past this I'll be one step closer.
    BadKitty did you say those Flowering plants were 5 weeks from germination?
  19. How about i dont water you for 6 days:confused_2:

  20. the guy isnt stupid. he explained himself, im sure he learned. try and be a little more constructive and a little less of a prick...

    sorry guys, anyways, yeah that doesnt really look like nitrogen def anymore. Id agree with the mag def. im sure they will pull through for you.

    good luck bro


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