I murder microphones

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  1. Bump for actual emceeing talent. I'm starting to think Grass City has a preference for wack hip hop.
  2. It was probably your thread title. It made me assume you were wack. But nah, good production, good flow. Big ups :smoke:
  3. Thanks. Most importantly, my shit contains no references to guns, stupid thug shit, disrespecting women, or absurd materialism. People need to be reminded that hip hop doesn't have to be about fake gangsta posturing, and you can rhyme about pretty much anything you want as long as you have something interesting to say.
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    OMG ok NO references. ok thank you.
    I got an email notification that you'd replied, and the original (before you edited) said:
    Not sure if you meant fuck the fake thug shit, or fuck my lyrics. If it's the former, then I wholeheartedly agree with you. If it's the latter, post your own shit.
  6. No I was high and mis read what you posted. That's why i edited it. I thought you were glorifying cop killing bitch raping robberies and stuff. My bad. I apologise.
  7. you don't plan on selling much of your music do you? :metal:
    i am fucking with you man. that was ace i have to admit.
  8. Dont let your Ego suffocate you. Stay humble.

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    Clearly you didn't listen to the links.
    Selling music is kinda antiquated and everybody just steals it anyway, but I would like to team up with a talented visual artist to make some potentially viral Youtube videos and earn cash through advertising. Seems like the way to go now.
  11. Clearly my words didn't get past your ego.
    What ego? Hip hop is loaded with braggadocio, and emcees are supposed to have swagger. I'm proud of my music, and rightfully so -- I put serious effort into writing, recording and mixing, and I try to strive for a level of professionalism in the resulting sound.  If you're going to throw around accusations of ego, go find one of the hundreds of threads on this forum where people are rhyming about thug shit.
    Or is it that I responded to one of your tracks with constructive criticism and now you're butt-hurt?
  13. Its all on how you present yourself to people. If you come off as trying to brag about being the best you will generate more negativity towards yourself from a first impression.
    If you come off as humble and present your skills without the need to point out your the best, would allow people to make their own impression of you and look at you in a way they see fit.
    Okay, enough already. Something got your panties in a bunch, but stop clogging my thread with advice no one asked for.
  15. You started a thread expecting feedback, but the way you did it came off as a rap snob. Im sorry you are angry.
    Your songs are fine and very good. I just didn't like the way you presented yourself as the best.
  16. Plan walked onto the stage. The audience gave him an resounding standing ovation. He stepped up to the the microphone to speak. The microphone backed away and turned itself off. This pissed plan off. He wrapped hid hands around the microphone and began to strangulate it. The microphone sputtered, spit, and then died right there on the stage.
    Plan murdered the microphone.

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