i moved my seedling outside today and am wondering is it to late?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Devken323, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. today i moved my sprout outside today after having it under 24 of light a day and am wondering if it will go into shock
    will it even bud before the winter
    heres what it looked like early its a little bigger now

  2. anyone
  3. it should grow fine depending on your location, but i'd try to keep it indoors at all costs at this point.
  4. It will now flower outdoors, but it is so small you will get nothing useful off it.
  5. if your on the west cost of the USA it should be good:wave:
  6. i live in ga
    it gets at least 13 or 14 hrs of sunlight where it is
    it in a preety good spot
  7. lol that will get about 4-7 grams if you put it outside...
  8. keep it inside. sex it. if female, make clones for next year. keep them alive and trained in order to accomodate for height issues if you have them.
  9. It's almost not worth putting it outside now. Just keep in indoors in good conditions and it will yield more than it would being outside so late in the season.

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