I moved an outdoor auto grow into my tent after 8 weeks... what next?

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  1. We've had a cloudy rainy summer and the sun is now moving behind our tree line so the direct light on our deck is probably 4-5 hours/day. I decided to move indoors to finish.

    I popped two Bonza Girl Scout Cookies auto seeds, growing in 16 gallons of Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend potting soil. One plant is a runt/not doing much of anything. The other is doing alright. I've fertilized with Cost of Maine Organic granular fertilizer 5-2-4 twice, and watered twice with Neptunes Harvest 2-3-1 twice. Just before bringing them in I top dressed with 1 tbls of Kelp meal and 2 tbls of ground malted barley. I got a touch of nute burn after the top dressing. Most water has been natural rainfall.

    I've never grown an auto before, so I don't know what stage of flower they're in, but I'm not seeing a stretch or bud stacking like my photo plants produce.. at least yet.

    Any suggestions to help my one big plant finish strong? I'm doing this grow 100% organic.

    IMG_3587.JPG IMG_3589.JPG IMG_3590.JPG IMG_3591.JPG IMG_3592.JPG
  2. keep any eye out for bugs . and run that light 24/7 keep it up looking really good .
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  3. I've been treating with NEEM and Insecticidal soap. They seem pretty clean so far.
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  4. Good job on your choice of materials - i.e.: soil, fertilizers etc - but one thing I've gotta say is that while the Coast of Maine soil is good I've often found it to be dense and heavy, needing additional aeration added for sure whether it's perlite, pumice, rice or buckwheat hulls etc - something to lighten it up and provide better oxygen to the roots.

    I've brought plants in from outside plenty of times - you should be good!

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  5. Check for bugs and keep them light on 24/7

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  6. I have a big bag of rice hulls, but the soil felt pretty light so I didn't add any. Thus far it hasn't seemed to compress. I'm also growing in an earthbox. The soil is suspended on a plastic grid over a void that can be filled with water so that the plant will self water for a week or two (in case we went somewhere this summer). I haven't filled the reservoir so the roots are getting a certain amount of air from beneath.
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  7. Nice! I know that their "Lobster Compost" is friggin great - but very dense and heavy. I really like using their crab & lobster meal - and I just picked up a sack of their "Buds & Blooms" which is a Fish Bone Meal - high P/K.

  8. I just went to their site and the fish bone meal they have is 5-13-0 I couldn't find a Buds & Blooms nute.
  9. Let me look when I get home later.

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  10. You're right - my mistake. High P, zero K lol

    They also changed the packaging I guess!


  11. I watered with this yesterday. I've never tried it before... we'll see. 0-3-1 IMG_3596.JPG
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  12. Just checked, they seemed to like it.
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  13. I upped my lighting from a Mars Hydro 600 Watt led and added a 450 watt and a 150 watt Viparspecters to give some side coverage and increased penetration. My buds are developing, but nothing like my photo plants do. This has been an all organic grow, but I still have a wee touch of nute burn. I watered with a mix of 0-3-1 (1 tablespoon per gallon) on Saturday. Soil is still moist so no need to do anything right now. Any other suggestions to boost bud development? This is an auto and should still have a week or two of bloom at a minimum before it starts to mature.

    IMG_3605.JPG IMG_3604.JPG IMG_3603.JPG IMG_3602.JPG IMG_3601.JPG IMG_3600.JPG

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