I missed this one, too

Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Apparantly I passed 2500 posts and missed it. I guess I'll go ahead and do the dancing now. *wiggle*
  2. Great job!! Bumped this to the general forum.
  3. shit and i missed me 200 :) time to dance too
  4. well... done!
  5. i love this place. theres always something to dance about *shaking that thang*:D
  6. *starts Dancin* i just hit my wait...never mind not there yet
    Oh and while im thinking about it Where the hell are the smiley faces at? on other forums there on the mid left side but i have yet to see some besides the ones right above what im typing :p
  7. Son of a bitch! i did hit some thing!!! " 187" why you say? 87=police code Murder Death Kill and i use that number for everything!
  8. Congrats IW!
  9. ti x== yoooo congrats homeboy!!!
  10. oh crumbs! i missed what ever post was before this one so i'll sit in the corner and watch the dance, never been much of a dancer to be honest
  11. sweet man, and hopefully another 2500!!! mabey like umm... a lot higher # or something!
  12. wiggy wiggy..!!!!!
  13. i just passed that one too.... i try not to go for numbers any more..... cause after all... it is just a number....

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