I Miss The Phuck Out Of The Rep Bar.

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 21, 2013.

  1. I miss reading comments made by the people who reached 'LEGENDARY' status (11 bars) and therefore had a big 8=======D (no homo.)  Someone with the 'LEGENDARY' status wrote that once, I do believe, so you know it's true, because come on....LEGENDARY 11-BAR MOTHER FUCKER PH.D. IN WEED.
    In all seriousness, the people who had obtained the LEGENDARY status (YODA, GHOSTONVACATION, STENOD, etc.) were like the seniors in the movie, Dazed and Confused.  They could do whatever the phuck they wanted to do.  They smoked the best weed, grew it themselves or paid a mother phucker to make them the dankest weed known to man.  They knew everything there was to possibly to know about weed.  They always had cool signatures.  They always had cool avatars.  They always had cool usernames.  They just did GC right and were so honorable in all their doings.
    GOD BLESS YOU 'LEGENDARY' 11-bar weed all-stars.
    Stay high.

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    We all remember who had full rep bars...
    the grasscity elite
  3. Whoa dude buy them dinner first before you try to fuck them. lol
  4. The new cool kids club is likes and stars, better get in while you can!
  5. I like that I'm one of the examples of full rep bar!
  6. And you were gonna change your name too
  7. I kinda miss it too.........not sure why........maybe cause it actually helped me recognize who was who..........and the fact that I had all the rep bars! Along with several hundred other people.
  8. OP totally isn't over exaggerating at all and everything he said is spot on
    lol first world problems n shit
  9. Not gonna lie i gave op 1 star MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. You can still look up user's old rep values via their likes number and we have the star rating system.  :confused_2: What is there to really miss. It was too easy to get full rep bars and that didn't mean much because you still needed 10,000 to max out the sayings and even then some users have tens of thousands more than that, so now it's easier to see the standings among elite members other than just going by their post count.
    I did change it and you don't even know@!
  12. Is there a way to see who gave you stars?
    The fact that I can't just look at somebody's name and see their rep and join date....now I have to actually hold my mouse cursor over their name!
    I probably lose an extra 2 seconds out of my day every time I do that. :D  (On another note, it's nice I don't have to click "Advanced reply" to get the smiley emoticons)
  14. No. Just plan on the people who dont like you giving you 1 star and the people who do like you not caring about rating you haha. 
  15. For me it's the opposite. I give people I like 5 stars and don't bother with those I don't like, unless it's spam or they're breaking the rules or something.
  16. If you miss your rep bar maybe you could create your own in your signature. 
  17. I don't think anybody has given me any stars...
    I don't know if I deserve stars.
  18. Meh, I honestly never gave a rat's ass.

    I dont need compensation :D
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