I miss the city :(

Discussion in 'General' started by ACole420, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. So this will probably be my last post ever. Some of you know me and some of you dont. But the ones who know me specifically the ones from the old pandoras box know how fucked up I use to be.

    Well its been about 8 months since Ive used any form of mind or mood altering drugs so naturally I dont come here anymore. Today however I came on just for shits and giggles and I realized how much I actually miss this place. However thats not a good thing because as an addict it makes me want to use.

    Idk why Im even typing this. I guess I just wanted to let the city know especially the people who remember where Im at in my life and why I dont come on anymore.

    I had alot of good and bad memories with this site and Im gonna miss the fuck outta you guys but its just not really good for me to visit this site anymore. However if I ever start smoking weed again Ill be back :wave:

    Goodbye Grasscity. I miss the fuck outta you guys but like I said this lifestyle just aint for me anymore. I wont be deleting my account but you just wont see me anymore :(

    Be safe blades.
  2. Well man, It's AMAZING to hear you've been clean, 2 months here on my end roughly.

    Sad to see ya go, but it's your choice my man. Be safe, live long, and prosper my brother.
  3. I don't really know you, but as a fellow blade it's cool that you're decided upon doing this. All i can say is to stay safe as well, and hope to see you back here soon. :smoke:
  4. Congratulations on being clean dude. I know how hard it is.
    Keep it real and peace

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